How to Use Baby Sleeping Bag

The SleepSack so-called also Juiced is a kind of small bag attached to the shoulders by straps that allows to cover baby safely without using blanket or duvet. With or without sleeves, pressure or zipper, the choice is multiple. How to use it? Which one to choose? It tells you everything.

How to choose a sleepingbag?

In the same way you have sizes for clothing, you have sizes for the sleepers. You’ll often find the sleepers in the following sizes: 0/6 months, 6-12 months, 12/18 months, 24/36 months. Some models are scalable thanks to closures Flash or pressure systems. Some adapt even in the car seat.

To choose the right one for your child it is important to look at labels because there are different information depending on the seasons (they are therefore more or less hot). To help you, watch what is the TOG rating which is indicated on the labels or in the description of the product (if you order via the internet).

In summer, for example, you choose instead a Swaddle which TOG index is between 0.5 and 1. In the fall or in the spring (when the temperature is between 19 and 22 °), choose a Swaddle which TOG index is 2. When the temperature is below 19 °, you can choose a Swaddle which TOG index is 3. When it’s really cold, does not hesitate to choose one with removable sleeves.

Preferably pick one gigoteuse with a zipper that closes the top down or pressure.

How to use the SAC?

Again, the temperature of the room where baby sleeps is to be considered. Assume that if you’re cold, baby cold too and vice versa. At this moment, look how you’re dressed and adds a layer of more just for your baby. A baby isn’t able to regulate its temperature, must therefore remain vigilant and cover enough.

The advantage of the sleeping bag, according to ITYPETRAVEL, is that baby stays warm even if it moves and it is perfectly safe. (Reminder, do not use duvet or blanket in bed to avoid the risk of suffocation).