How to Use a Sleeping Bag

If you’ve planned a camping trip and should put your sleeping bag backpack I advise, before departure, to keep it in the open air for a few minutes in order to prevent unpleasant odours from forming. Put it inside an airtight bag or in a waterproof bag that keep him safe from possible presence of water.

Once you have made the trip and you will be arrived at destination, it tries to open it as quickly as possible, to give chance to the fibers to breathe. Bring a mat, or a plastic sheet on which to rest the sleeping bag before bed. Obviously, you’ll need to choose clothes to wear inside the sleeping bag depending on the outdoor temperature; you will not, however, give up the underwear, for hygiene reasons.

In winter, or if you are in the mountains, in a sleeping bag shaped by APARENTINGBLOG you can wear long-sleeved technical garments safely; If temperatures have rather strict, you can also use socks, a hat or gloves or, in cases of extreme cold, to a plush jumpsuit. Always in the winter, when you wake up in the morning, when changing clothes shoves garments used at night inside the bag; in this way, you may experience a thermal shock when you wear them the next time.

You have to be very careful not to damage the compression sack (which is sold together with the sleeping bag); If appliance is damaged you will need to replace it with another. You can do it quietly, because standard-sized models are commercially available. The function of the bag is to allow lunches to save space when closed.

One piece of advice I can give you is to perform the close operation without bending the same spot the sleeping bag, to avoid fabric (both internal and external) will ruin at different points; better to put the bag into the bag, clearly pushing it with some caution. In this way there will be no areas under increased stress.

Once the vacation is over, you will have to turn over the bag and put it in the open air for a few days;doing so will maintain its elasticity. If you use odors persist one of many products suitable for sleeping bags. After that it will be sufficiently ventilated and perfumed, close all zippers carefully, clean out the parts where the velcro and tries to loosen as much as possible is the tie that rubber bands. Finally hang it or bend it and transfer it into a container, to prevent dust from the dirt.

In the case of persistent stains, you can also proceed to wash the sleeping bag, although it is preferable to give up this operation, because it could damage the inside of the bag. Carefully follow the instructions and wash it by hand in the bathtub with warm water. Only if your bag is made of synthetic fibres you can wash it in the washing machine, using a wool programme and not using the spin cycle. Once after wash-lay it horizontally and store in a warm dry location, avoiding direct sunlight and shake him sometimes during drying. Instead of washing it you may want to use right away a lot-sheet to avoid a mess; the latter is easy to wash, especially if you choose synthetic fiber.