How to Travel With Backpacking Gear

Backpacks and bags for your outdoor adventure

Backpacking – flexible travel with backpack has become a widely used form of tourism in recent decades. Now there are backpackers not only on trails or in the mountain country, but almost anywhere in the world. Thereby, the eponymous backpack is probably the most important part of outdoor or backpacker equipment. In it everything you need on the road, finds its place of the clothing to the tent. Because you carry your bag and other bags permanently close to the body, these should optimally be adapted to your stature and also on long distances comfortably, without too much strain to. A traditional backpack by far not meets these requirements. At Zipcodesexplorer, you will find special backpacks and bags for your next outdoor trip. The range is in our online-shop ranging from the backpack over day bags, belt pouch and purse. Equip itself with us for your next trip.

It can’t do without the backpack

Who is traveling as a backpacker, should buy a backpack, which can be worn comfortably. Backpack by Deuter is composed of an outer and inner frame, as well as an additional pack bag. He is usually very high and thus provides sufficient space for the most important travel accessories. Good backpacking draw that the respective mailboxes are conveniently divided and quickly accessible. Some variants can be completely opened, for example from above and the side. How large should be a backpack, is an individual matter – however care should be taken when buying it, that a large backpack with a lot of luggage must also be taken. It should provide therefore a little more space than you actually need. Between 60 and 75 liters, trekking backpacks offer a sufficient volume for most travelers. Another important aspect is the shoulder strap. Generally backpacking characterized by a special suspension system, which is distributed the weight evenly on the back and especially on the hips. A stiff back, profiled braces and especially padded, fixed straps make this possible. Because every body stature is different and backpacks for men and women are also different, is a fitting of different carrying systems recommended.


For shorter trips, there are models with 25 to 30 liters volume a backpack that is ideally suitable for day trips and often used by climbers and skiers already. You will find a wide range of so-called day-bags Zipcodesexplorer. Do you want to buy a backpack for hiking, we recommend the special hiking backpacks that are optimal for this purpose with a volume of 30-50 liters.


Buy online at Zipcodesexplorer backpacks and bags

In addition to backpacks for week backpacker tours and smaller models for short walks or day trips also a wide range of various pockets in the assortment of Zipcodesexplorer for on the go. Whether robust travel bags from top outdoor manufacturers such as Deuter or THE NORTH FACE, whether practical bags on rolling racks for level floors, your luggage if you can – transport important valuables such as card, cell phone, keys or purse belt bags, where with the bags and backpacks at Zipcodesexplorer is safely stowed and comfortable to wear. Accessories such as purses, Smartphone bracelet or camera bag round off the range. Order online and benefit from a free shipping from a loading point value of 75 Euro. You are on the go, always well equipped with Zipcodesexplorer.