How to Recognize a Full Reel

Recognizing a full reel is an essential ability for all fishing. This ability will allow you to guide the quality of your fishing sessions.

2 minutes, you will be able to recognize quickly a reel filled correctly. Go go!

Fill your carp reel: the basic principle

To fill your carp reel is simple! You must transfer the coil of wire (nylon or braid) fishery on the drum of your reel.

In other words, you must reproduce the uniform distribution of fishing wire on the coil around the drum of your reel.

Why is it so important? Hey, this will allow you to succeed your throws with your rod.

The fishing line can escape easily when your throws. When you bring the wire, it will be positioned correctly on the drum.

How to recognize a well-stocked carp reel?

The fishing line can be 3 main positions in the drum. These 3 positions are most frequently encountered by the anglers. And more particularly, by the anglers who begin fishing for carp.

A full reel, it is a homogeneous fishing wire in drum

The fishing line is distributed equally over the entire height of the drum. Fishing wire thickness is homogeneous on the top, the middle and the bottom of the drum. On the right picture below, you can see 2 straight lines in blue to indicate the correct position of the fishing line in the drum.

A poorly filled reel, this is a thread on the basis of the drum…

The fishing line is not evenly distributed as in case 1. In this case, the thread surrounds himself essentially on the basis of the drum. The distribution of the wire on the drum has a conical shape. In the image below, there are while the fishing line is focused at the base of the drum.

… But also a reel whose thread is concentrated at the center of the drum

The fishing line is focused in the middle of the reel. The wire forms an inhomogeneous package in the drum. In this case, the coiled wire is characterized by an oval shape. The 2 blue curves highlight of “crushed” aspect of the wire in the center of the drum.

The position of fishing in the drum line is very important. And we’ll see immediately why!

The benefits of a well-stocked carp reel

Now you know to identify the correct position of the fishing line in your reel. Know well fill his reel, is not trivial. Indeed, this will give significant benefits at the water’s edge. There are 3 advantages and not least.

  • Vous reduce the wear of your fishing line. You will avoid to your fishing line of this damaging too quickly. The wear of the fishing line is mainly due to the friction with the rings of your cane.
  • Vous will be able to evacuate quickly and easily the reel fishing line. This will help you throw farther. Indeed, there is little resistance during the ejection of the wire.
  • Vous will avoid your thread forms a heap of tangled thread (also called “wigs”). And trust us, this is a huge advantage! Indeed, you won’t lose your editing (hook, lead and down line) which will save you time and a few euros!

Well, you know a full reel.

Know recognize a full reel is part of the essential capabilities in the use and maintenance of your fishing gear carp.

You just check all your equipment before making your 1st outings of the season.