How to Prepare a Foot Spa Relaxing for the End of the Day

To do an activity seemingly as simple as walking or running, our body utilizes anything less than 650 muscles. Can you imagine how our feet become overwhelmed in the face of the mission to be the support base for all this movement happen. For this, they need to – and very – special care.

How to Prepare a Foot Spa Relaxing for the End of the Day

In addition to taking care of that part to be forgotten body, by taking the time to make a foot spa you still provides a balance between the physical and the emotional complete.

How to prepare a foot spa at home

Nothing better than coming home after a busy day and take a few minutes to relax. Thinking about it, we have selected a few simple recipes for you to prepare a foot spa invigorating at the end of the day.

Foot spa of lavender

Boil 3 liters of water and on the container chosen, add two drops of essential oil of lavender, half a cup of coarse salt and several marbles.

Benefits: The lavender and the salt reduce swelling of the feet, while the marbles give a relaxing effect that helps ease the daily stress.

Foot spa against pain

In the container of your choice, place 3 gallons of hot water, half a cup of refined salt, rose petals, three drops of geranium essential oil and a drop of essential oil of ripestre.

Benefits: The oils serve to prevent fluid retention and the swelling, while the salt and the rose petals provide for relaxation. This recipe is especially indicated for women who stay all day in high heels, or are sore feet.

Foot spa refreshing

Place in container of your choice with a quantity of water at a temperature that is sufficient to cover the feet. Add five drops of essential oil of mint or mint leaves macerated with sea salt.

Benefits: mint is responsible for bringing a freshness that relaxes tensions.


Another “gift” that you can give to your feet is to do an exfoliation once a week. This process eliminates dead skin cells, leaving the skin more hydrated and soft. Mix 4 tablespoons of brown sugar with 8 tablespoons of almond oil. Then, apply on the feet, always by massaging with circular movements and upward. Then, rinse well and then do the foot spa of your preference.


After the foot spa, one last step: pass the moisturizer on your feet, wrap them with a transparent plastic bag and leave to act for ten minutes. Remove the plastic, make a massage and then, if desired, remove the cream.

For these practices actually have the effect that is expected, it is necessary to choose a peaceful environment. To leave the atmosphere even more pleasant, the valley light up aromatic candles and put a music environment.