How to Maintain Hydraulic Disc Brakes on a Bike

Maintenance of hydraulic disc brakes for road cycling is an important operation for the life of the braking system and for the safety of the cyclist.

The advice that we will submit to you below is for informational and general. It is recommended to adhere primarily to the manual of your equipment. Indeed, each model has sometimes its specifications.

Also note that the brake system is the most important safety feature of your machine. If in doubt consult a specialist bike shop.

To know the specifics of hydraulic disc brakes, see our file: hydraulic disc brakes for road bikes

Handling Precautions

  • Avoid affix a greasy fluid on the discs and pads.
  • Protect the disk of the rear wheel in the case of lubricant spray on the cassette, the rear derailleur or chain.
  • In case your discs and pads are oily, use of alcohol or water to clean.
  • Think honing your brake pads and discs (Example: BED-IN procedure in SRAM )
  • Never operate the brake lever when the wheel (so the disk) is not engaged on the frame.
  • When bicycle transport (wheels removed) use the specific transport wedges that fit into the stirrups instead of discs.

Verification of platelets

The cyclist must frequently check the pads to:

  • keeping clean
  • Check wear
  • Check Status

Checking drives

the cyclist will frequently check disks to:

  • keeping clean
  • Check wear
  • Check Status
  • Check if they are veiled

A disk that has a too high web (1mm theory) must be replaced, and a broken or split drive. A warped disc can unfold using a specific tool. The delicacy is required for handling the risk of amplifying the problem.

Check for leaks on components and ducts

Before any trip, it is useful to take a tour of hydraulic bicycle components to detect any leak. To operate the system do this sometimes stopped to apply the pressure.

Cleaning discs and brake pads

It will be useful to clean these elements when they are dirty. To clean the pads, you will need to get them from the caliper. Avoid the white spirit which leaves a thin film. Liquid specific purchase in store, alcohol or water is recommended.

Change brake pads

It is an operation to perform once your worn or damaged pads. She performs removed wheel, the main precaution is not to act on the brake lever when the wheel is removed.

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Changing discs

Once worn discs, veiled or broken, you will need to change. Be sure to use the recommended tightening torques.

  • Read the fact sheet:disc or rotor assembly SRAM Centerline 6 holes

Bleeding the hydraulic system

This is the most meticulous operation, but there is nothing complicated if properly equipped and take his time.Proper purge allows to make optimal, and adjust the quality of braking. driving sensations will be improved as well.

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