How to Lose Weight Cycling

In addition to cycling to be a great tool for you who wants to lose weight, it is incredible the change that a few extra pounds the least of your pedal. So How to Lose Weight in Cycling. In the following, we will give you 5 tips for you to lose weight in cycling and improve their pedal:

How to Lose Weight Cycling

For example, on a long uphill, a cyclist who weighs 75 kg can lose 2, he will get to the top at least 1 minute faster. And then? What are the best ways to lose weight cycling?

Tip 1, high-intensity exercises:

In theory, doing long workouts of the famous area of fat burning, which are the areas of low heart rate are very valid still, but there are very few people that have this luxury of having the whole day to ride, if you have do not have that luxury and have little time to train, need to do exercises of high intensities.

They are short, but they will help you to burn more calories because they are high intensity. A cool thing is that in a workout short high-intensity you will not feel as hungry as a training of long duration.

Tip 2, drink water before meals:

When we say for you to drink a little water is not along with the meals.

It is good to at least 30 minutes before, this in addition to help with your hydration, your body believes that your stomach is not completely empty, which lessens hunger in the time of your meals.

Tip 3, eat during training:

It seems contradictory to be talking about slimming and weight loss and talk to you eat during the workout. This is not to eat a feijoada, you need to eat a little bit in workouts over a 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Then, take breaks every 40 minutes or 45 minutes of workout and eat in small portions. It is advisable to carry a stick, a gel, a fruit, and will eat during the workout. You will see an effect similar to tip 2, because you will get to the end of the workout and will not feel hungry lion.

Tip 4, Shots of high intensity at the end of the workout:

Organize to make the shots in the middle of the workout, but it leaves some for the end.

All this already shows that after soon after the training, the oxygen consumption also helps in their fat burning, caloric expenditure and your metabolism remains accelerated in the post-workout.

Imagine what a wonder you finished the training and already be in sitting on your couch and we’re still burning calorie.

Tip 5 Have a specific goal:

How much kilos you want to lose? It is good you write down all your goals on paper and put by your home.

Make it clear that you have a goal to be achieved. Do not place targets or absurd, if you have for example 90 lbs, losing 10 lbs is a goal attainable. But if you have for example, between 67 and 68 pounds, losing 2 pounds is already a good goal. Make a daily follow-up after that, if you think best, draw up a table and write down your weight loss.

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