How to Lift Front Wheel of Bicycle

Our site: lifting the front wheel is a major key to forest cycling. You have mastered this, you will soon be flying over roots, stones, potholes and ditches. And the bike gets sick a lot more fun.

To master the front wheel lifted technology is also the basis for hope, drop, and be able to roll on the rear wheel. Hope and drop and we’ll get back to in a later section of the MTB school. Do the exercises first on level ground. You can then lay out small obstacles like branches, rocks or similar which you can lift the front wheel. Gradually increase the height of the lift and try even at different speeds.

Start by practicing on the mere lifting of the front wheel. It’s not literally “lift”, but the movement is more about moving your body weight forward, then backward, and end with a small jolt.

  1. Stepping up a little speed and then let the wheels roll without pedaling.Gångfart is enough.
  2. go in attack position (out with elbows, low center of gravity, weight centered and feet and pedals horizontally).Let your upper body drop down towards the handlebar, legs should be bent.Move your upper body towards the handlebars.
  3. Give the regime a small pressure (pumping on), your upper body so that the chest opens, and then slide the body explosively backward.
  4. Straighten the arms.Your bum is behind the saddle, in line with the rear wheel.You push your feet (and cycle) forward and lower your heels. With the help of the body’s momentum lift the front wheel off the ground and over your obstacles.

Remember that you need to use the whole body to make the lift – not just the twitch in the handlebars with your arms. If you want to scroll on the rear wheel so you will continue to keep the body above the rear wheel. More important now is to keep an eye on the hip movement – it is mainly with your hip as you balance – and the legs should be bent and responsive with the bike. The farther behind you are going with the hip, the higher you will come up with the front wheel.


  • Lower the saddle for freedom of movement when you do the exercise.
  • Have all the fingers on the handlebars (no brakes) in the beginning.It gives better control and you can concentrate on the cod-end. When you start making higher lift, you can keep a finger on the rear brake so you can pinch to if you feel that you are about to knock over. Try a few times to experience the effect of braking. The front wheel goes immediately into the ground. Please practice this with platform pedals.

With a paddle while you get extra boost so that the front wheel is going higher and longer than a normal front wheel lift. This is also a brilliant way to cross small creeks and surhål without having to get off your bike and get wet feet.

  1. Start sitting on the bike with slightly bent arms.Be sure to not sit heavily.
  2. Stepping up some speed, and then let the wheels roll without pedaling.Gångfart is enough.
  3. Select a gear that you can get good acceleration and which also gives you resistance.Start with a mellanväxel and try this out.The faster you scroll the heavier gear you’ll need, so start with gångfart.
  4. let your upper body to sink down a bit against the regime.This position gives the best force to press ifrånså to the front wheel comes up.Power pedal a time takes place at 14 in round come.
  5. While you are taking power ball of a time, explosive push your upper body upwards and backwards, and the arms are stretched out in the same way as you would a regular front wheel lift.
  6. Push down on the handlebars to lower front wheel again.


  • Do you find it difficult to get up the front wheel because it is slow?Try to switch to a lighter gear. If the force come feels too easy – switch to heavier. The higher the speed, the more resistance you need to pedal at all, so keep enough pace.
  • Probably prefer you to do power come with a special foot.Experiment with both right and left and see what works for you. Typically, right-handed prefer to right leg for power come.
  • Small obstructions can rear wheel simply roll over, but for larger barriers also need rear wheel a little boost to get over.
  • Start with a standard front wheel lift.
  • When the front wheel lands have the speed goes down and your weight is on the back of the bike.Slide the front and up the body by pulling the handlebar toward you, while pushing to sharply on the pedals so that you get on your bike and your center of gravity is directly over the obstacle.
  • Then slide up your body so that you can move your body weight forward.Ease the pressure on the rear wheel, and scoop it up with the help of lifting with your feet in the pedals – poke down the toes, keep pressure and pull up the pedals toward you so that the rear wheel lifts off the ground. Even if you hit the barrier with the rear wheel so that the wheel will roll over.
  • These steps will eventually be made into a connected movement, but start exercising slowly so that you have an eye on all the little moments.Start in normal or quick gångfart – it gets harder as it goes fast.
  • Curbs are good size to test on.It may take some time before you get into the timing. Out in the Woods, you can begin by practicing on small obstacles and roots for getting into movement and bring a buddy out for encouragement, support and inspiration.