How to Fold a Sleeping Bag

If you have found it difficult to fold the sleeping bag after use, here are some tips to fit inside the bag and occupy, as well, as little space as possible. You’ve probably heard someone say that it is better not to fold it, because it might spoil, and store it directly as it is; in fact, it’s preferable to fold it just to avoid ruin, to keep it clean and in order to carry more easily.

  • There can be folded withoutcleaning: therefore, before you begin this procedure, raises from the ground the sleeping bag and shake to remove any crumbs or other materials left inside;
  • The first thing you have to do is close the zipper, making extreme care not to “pinch” the padding.When folded the sleeping bag, bring him to the ground and squeeze him so as to let the air remained inside.Be careful: the edges and corners must be aligned perfectly, otherwise you will be able to scroll the right way;
  • Now fold it in half, from the long side, and begins to roll, starting from the CAP and up at the opposite end, squeezing as much as possible so as to eliminate further air.Let me tell you a little trick: you can put a stick (or a camping tent pole) to the end of the sleeping bag and roll it up around it.If, while you’re wrapping up, I find that the force used is not enough, start over;
  • When you have finished rolling, according to AUTOMOTIVEQNA, your sleeping bag should be placed in its original bag, the one that was given to you when you bought it.This step is the most delicate, so be attentive: the key to winning is to minimize the volume of the sleeping bag, trying to squeeze as much as possible the first part that must get inside the bag.If you tighten it with your hands is not sufficient, aided with legs: every means is useful in order to limit the size of the sleeping bag. For this reason, if there are wires or straps enhance Pack the sleeping bag before putting it back in the bag, it is good to use them clutching energetically so compact it even more. Most sleeping bags have elastic straps located on the bottom edge. So while you squeeze, do pressure to the center using the knee. After shaking it well, you can remove the stick from the Center and put the sleeping bag in bag breakfast;
  • When you are stuffed completely your sleeping bag in the bag, all you have to do is close it and then store it;
  • In some cases it may happen that with the sleeping bag there is a mattress, so you can fold them separately and store them then everyone in her bag, or fold them together, wrapping them on top of each other.Remember that it always starts from the hood;
  • To fold faster you can rely on a vacuum bag, inside which put the sleeping bag, and to remove air uses a vacuum cleaner.With this system the size of your sleeping bag will be reduced a lot.
  • Top Tip: remember not to fold ever sleeping bag damp or wet as this may create some mold if left rolled up for too long.