How to Fish Small Fish

As soon as the first thaw, small fish hide in deep-sea waters where temperatures are warmer but also safe from the attacks of the birds. These fish feeder is one of the most difficult. The keys are very stealthy, and delicate shoeing.

Full fishing, your online fishing tackle store, offers some tips to start the feeder fishing small fish.

A sensitive editing for fishing small fish feeder

Stem mounting is the most sensitive and the most discreet, ideal for the small fish feeder. There is no interference between the hook and the cane. When the fish takes the bait, the movement of the Assembly is followed by vibrations more or less marked throughout the line, which allows to feel the button on the scion. This type of Assembly delays the moment when the fish will spit out the bait. The fisherman saves time to succeed the shoeing.

A reactive scion

The choice of the scion must be according to the type of key. Roach, for example, produces extremely fast and light keys and thus difficult to detect. The scion must be low power (less than 1 Oz). As for the material, prefer the carbon which is more reactive than the glass.

The braid, ideal to fish small fish

Unlike the nylon, the braid has no elasticity. For fishing small fish, according to, it causes keys frank and more pronounced. Indeed, when the hook is seized, the Assembly motion is transmitted with the same intensity at the end of the line to the other end, which allows to have more pronounced keys and an instant shoeing.

A low line of optimal length

Long top line you can feel the keys even if your bait is damaged by fish. Too short, it leaves you ferrer in the vacuum after the keys while your bait is not damaged. To no longer run out of keys and ensure a discreet mounting, opt for a low line of 60 cm to 1 meter.

The technique to use for ferrer on small fish feeder

Some use techniques to detect the keys and succeed the shoeing. For fishing small fish feeder, the maggot remains effective but also economic compared to the vase of worms. Think to put on 1 or 2 maggots on the hook, if you miss a lot of keys.