How to Cycling Faster

Our site: of course, there are no real shortcuts to become a fast cyclist. The basic rules with well-balanced proportions of training, nutrition and rest to be fast is still valid. But there is still more you can do to get up to speed.

All the exercises below are simple and can be done during a normal workout.

1 was a svetto
Work out on cycling quickly even in the forest. By natural intervals, that is, to ride a bike fast wherever possible, at the easier sections, you can get a more natural setting to have pace even in the forest. Conjure up the image of “hurry home” and dare to ride on the limit on what you can handle.

2 let the horns grow
Challenge yourself and create some sense of competition. Download Strava or any other interactive app and start “compete” against others. Have a technical reference path in a few kilometers from where you measure the time and effort to constantly improve your times. Biking with friends who are a little better than yourself for the best sparring. This happy and växeldra in the transport distances.

3 Spin off – Cadence training
Take the help of a speed/Cadence sensor to measure your Cadence. Are you too low or very high? Experiment with frequency on the legs and mark the difference.

4 Trunk is all
In a long uphill climb, focus on keeping the upper body still in the trunk, find support and avoid swaying from side to side. Make sure you have good posture on the bike.

5 don’t forget trunk training
A good aid in stomach and back allows you to have the energy to keep a good seat and not rock when pedaling.