How to Choose Your Bike

Pedaling is eco-friendly, sustainable and helps keep the shape up. How about adopting this new company to go around? See the tips to get it right.

Set Your Goal

Are you going to walk around the city or do trails? The answer must be on the tip of the tongue before entering a shop??, guides Bia Ferragi, mountain bike downhill athlete.

Size Is Document

Bikes also have sizes  ?? Small, medium and large. The manufacturer’s table usually indicates which one is right for you. Also pay close attention to the dimension of the wheel, which increases your distance from contact with the ground. “Aro 700 is the most appropriate for those who will pedal in the city, because it guarantees greater yield and comfort when facing the imperfections of the asphalt”, says Bia.

March: To Have Or Not To Have?

A model with this feature makes it easy to pedal on uneven paths. Climbing a hill, for example, is easier with a light gear.


In relation to the damper, it is only necessary for anyone who faces uneven solos daily.

Calibrating The Pocket

Is there a template developed for every need?? And prices that accompany its characteristics. It does not make sense to invest in a bicycle with high technology only for moments of leisure, warns Bia.

Ready Or Personalized?

The bike customization service involves costs. Anyone who is starting out may not need something as exclusive as a competition athlete. You can find good models of various brands at fair prices.