How to Choose the Right Tent Camping

Tents for camping trips and hikes

When the temperatures rise and the holiday and festival time starts, also the camping season starts. Whether the dome tent is at the campsite at the resort or the tent for the festival, the overnight in mobile dwelling enjoys great popularity. Easy-to-grow tents already make a comfortable pleasure sleeping outdoors. There are many types of tents, which each have their own advantages. So it is advisable for a long camping trip with the whole family to choose a different model than for a hike or a multi-day trekking tour. The Zipcodesexplorer outdoor shop you can find a wide range of tents, which offer you a reliable, temporary home in the mountains, on the campsite or the festival grounds.


Which tent is right?

The entire equipment in a backpack must be stored and transported on trekking tours. For this reason, it is of great importance that a corresponding tent is easy and has a small pack size. Usually designed tents for one or two persons are designed for trekking. So they can be easily stowed in a backpack and leave sufficient space for sleeping bag, food and change of clothes. To plan trips in areas where extreme weather conditions prevail, it is also advisable to opt for a Geodesist tent. In such a model, the outer tent is divided into several small areas by the linkage. Thus, it has a particularly high degree of stability and is less sensitive to wind.

Pitch tents, known as Pop-Up tents, can be particularly quick and easy. In the packed State, they have the form of a folded eight. The flexible and unbreakable linkage of fiberglass is always associated with the tarpaulin. By solving the transport lock and in the air, throw, unfolds through the spring force acting the fiber glass poles and the tent is aimed more or less by alone on. The advantages lie in the rapid construction and low weight. Although a relatively large pack size goes hand in hand with the folding technique of the tent pole. A litter tent is therefore not to be recommended for trekking tours.


In contrast to a Pop-Up tent in a conventional tent poles are assembled and then covered with the inner and outer tent. When choosing such a tent, less weight and bulk are in the foreground as size and comfort. Most camping tents have a lockable tent, where equipment and supplies can be stored. Also, they are characterized also by a certain amount. The size is also adapted to the purpose of a temporary home. So, you can buy tents at Zipcodesexplorer that offer enough space for up to six people.


Buy the right tent

Looking at the tents available in the special trade, the form variety is particularly striking. Some forms have a practical use here. So dome tents require a relatively small footprint and are particularly resistant to wind. Tunnel tents offer more space than dome tents by the steep walls in same size, stability is lower. It should therefore always be ensured that it is built with the narrow side facing the wind.


No matter what type of tent you ultimately choose, on a waterproof outer shell made of polyester or you should look in each case. Functional materials for the outer tent average have a water resistance of 3000 mm water column. He should be worth 7,000 mm water column or more designated for the under body.