How to Choose Running Shoes

ll equipped level shoes?

To avoid injury, it is important to choose running shoes that you are totally adapted.
Indeed, choose the right running shoes are not always so simple. There are today a wide selection according to specific criteria, but should still be able to translate the vocabulary associated with…
Don’t panic, we’ll advise you in your choice!

Choose the correct size for your running shoes

We recommend buying its running with a size more than everyday shoes like drinking glasses for runners.
Indeed, when we run 10 km, the foot will have time to inflate and flatten. In order to save your toes from all types of abuse (black nail, bulb etc.), therefore better to have the place in the basketball.

The necessary criteria to choose his Jogging shoes

Need you a light and stable shoe above all. If you used to run on road or path without obstacles, you need to take a basketball with, a good cushioning. If you train paths, choose a notched sole.

Namely: good cushioning is preferred regardless of the type of surface of your workouts if you weigh more than 80kg.

Adjust the shoe to his stride

UH Yes, easy to say, but how can we know the nature of his stride? It’s actually very simple! Get your last pair and analyze wear your running shoes, and see the soles:

-If it is damaged on the inside edge of the front of the foot, you’re pronator, which means that when you run, your feet are moving towards the inside
-If the shoe is damaged on the outside edge of the front of the foot, you make from the rare supinateurs! When you run, your feet are moving outward.
-Finally, if the shoes are damaged in the Middle, you have a so-called ‘universal’ stride When you run, your feet are stable.

When to change running basketball?

It is estimated that for shoes with Thin soles, should be changed every 500 km. If the sole is thick, we can expect 1000 or even 1500 km before you buy some running. If your current pair is right for you, don’t hesitate to buy the same as your foot will adapt so quickly.