How to Choose Clipless Pedals

This is a classic purchase for cyclists wanting to optimize pedaling that are clipless pedals. optimum foot, safety, perfect transfer of effort to the pedal, the benefits are many. Here are some criteria to choose your bike pedals.

  • Depending on your needs angularity(according to your body and / or habit)
  • Bicycle pedals by type of engagement
  • The spring arrangement and fixing
  • The weight of the bicycle pedal
  • The width of the support surface
  • The height from the sole of the shoe and the axis of the pedal
  • Entry and exit, at your fingertips
  • Wedges compatible with a multitude of shoes
  • Spare wedges followed over time
  • A good wear resistance
  • Ability to change the Q-Factor (width between both feet)
  • The adjustment of the hardness of the spring or strip
  • Depending on your practice
  • Shims with the ability to walk minimum (less interest)
  • If you have two bikes, it is interesting to stay in the same brand and owning a pair of high-end bike competition and a pair of low-end for mullet.

Dossier: road bike pedal 10 criteria to buy!

What is the role of the automatic pedal?

The clipless pedal was created in 1984 by Look replacing traditional pedals with manual fastening straps.The principle of automatic pedal is operating with a wedge that fits under the cyclist’s shoe. On most bike pedals different brands is the hold that determines the potential of the foot angularity. The shims also offer the opportunity to walk with bike shoes that offer stabilization points provided for this purpose.

Dossier: The Role of Automatic pedal

When to change?

It is best to purchase a pair of pedals at the beginning of the season. The risk of changing pedals during the season is a change in position on your bike and therefore cause injury because your body is used to a position.

Should we reconsider its position on change pedals?

Yes, if you change the model or brand. Often holds or pedal between the various manufacturers are not designed with the same thickness. Similarly the height between the axle of the pedal and the sole of your shoe varies among brands.

You may need to lower the saddle or the reverse. Take the time to repeat a position on your bike in the nearest bike shop.

However, there is no need to do anything, if you just replace your cleats!

Brands clipless pedals

Some brands carve market share with interlocking systems and technology that differ. BBB Campagnolo, Look, Mavic, Miche, Shimano, Speedplay, Time are the principal brands of pedals for road cycling.

Mounting shims on my shoes

Although this is an easy operation mechanically, it must be done very carefully. The slightest mistake can cause serious damage to your body.

Read our handout: Take the ribs for mounting wedges feet
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Mounting the pedals on the bike

Attention to the thread during assembly or disassembly of the pedals.
The trick Nutri-cycles: To undo your pedals, put yourself behind your bike, crank down. Once you have switched on the key release system you have to push down for each of the pedals. Therefore push up for tightening.

Fact Sheet: Automatic bicycle pedal assembly
factsheet: Removing automatic bike pedals

First round pedals

Once the acquisition of new pedals, do some laps to cause you to put on and off shoes.

power sensor and pedal

The first power sensors are appearing in complement on clipless pedals.

>> Power Sensor: Garmin and MetriGear launch the Vector
>> Polar Pedal Look Keo Power: integrated power sensor!