How to Choose Bike Clothing

Choosing the right bicycle clothing is very important. With good clothes, there will be less irritation may occur and it is possible to achieve better performance. This article explains what to look for when buying a bike shorts, cycling shoes and helmets.

How to Choose Bike Clothing

Bike pants

Prevention of irritation
A good cycling shorts are for someone who bikes regularly is very important. Whether you’re riding on the road bike, mountain bike or regular cycle, a good bike pants prevents skin irritation, blisters and saddle pain. To avoid these problems, it is best to choose an elastic shorts with a good buff. These must fit well and moisture and temperature regulating should work.

How to choose the best bike shorts
When you buy a bike shorts, you should pay special attention to the buffs. This is to protect the seat area and prevents irritation. There are several buffs, the difference is in shape, thickness, size and material used. There are specific anatomic chamois leathers for men and women. The chamois is thickest at the spots where the skin is most pressing on the saddle. There are also chamois with a perforated upper for ventilation. Other Zemen contains a foam that would be awesome. Chamois should stay in shape when I ride my bike. Most importantly, the cushion ensures that the skin is as dry as possible, not värmeförsvunnit and skin-friendly to the touch and does not cause irritation. Make sure you get your shorts after every wash or rinse cycle, otherwise it is a breeding ground for bacteria. After washing, you can put your pants the best drying in the dryer so that the pad is not difficult.

It is also important that the cycling shorts fit snug to the body like cycling jersey featured on Internetages. However, the pants do not pinch or just to sit up. The fabric of your bicycle pants should also feel comfortable and elastic. The seams of the shorts are usually flat seams to prevent rubbing the skin. You cannot run any underpants worn under your shorts.

How to choose the best road bike shoe?

First, it is important to have socks that you will ride, and your afternoon will fit shoes because morning is your feet narrower and you therefore afternoon may not be in the shoe, it is am fit so well.Secondly, it is important to pay attention to click system mounted on your bike. Most cyclists use the latch system, so that they can exert opwaartste power on the pedals, you can pull the pedal with your shoe. Mountain bikers to use more of the SPD plates and pedals, here you can uncheck a bit easier.Because not all systems fit all shoes you need to consider in advance of this.
Always take a size larger than your shoe size. Under cycling put your feet even more, and the shoe can sit tight, which is of course not nice ride. It is also advisable to read the reviews from other users on the network when you make your choice.

How to choose the best bike helmet?

In cycling, you have a helmet to absorb the worst battle in a crash. The forces incurred in a crash that is absorbed by the helmet in place of the head. By means of a helmet can prevent trauma to the brain.
When you buy, you should be careful that the helmet as a second skin around the head. To accomplish this is to the helmet when the shaking of the head to be left in the same place. Therefore, it is important that the helmet can be adjusted properly to the sizes on the head. Since overheating of the head can cause response delays the helmet must be well ventilated. Sometimes it is useful to look at the color of the helmet for visibility in the dark.
Please note that the helmet after a crash is no longer useful. Although the outside is no visible damage. The helmet is designed to absorb a case with primary and will then no longer function optimally.
Bicycle Helmets must meet strict safety requirements. If you buy a more expensive model will not provide additional security, but only provide additional comfort, appearance, and aerodynamics.