How to Choose a Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle, cozy, bumpers, nest of Angel… Many terms that return to the list of birth but difficult to find especially for young parents. Each garment is actually used for specific needs. Apple seed helps you make the right choice to Choose your Angel nest.

Nest of Angel, gigoteuse, Chancellor: what is the difference between these models?

Wight down sleeping bags, the SleepSack and the bumpers actually refer to the same garment. It is a clever mix between a combination and a duvet and keeping your baby warm, in a good position during his sleep, without risking to stifle it. Indeed, your infant is not yet ready to sleep on his stomach and such a position could hinder his breathing. As its name suggests, the Swaddle him avoids too much fidgeting and the turbulette serves to alleviate his “turbulence”.

The nest of Angel has the same features, except that it is more considered one sleeping bag fleece that envelopes all of baby’s body. However, there are models where the legs are separated. The arms are placed along the body in all cases. There also are models of nests of Angel Hoodie to protect the head from newborns. As a result, more identified the Chancellor, where baby is wrapped in a cocoon. This childcare product is suitable for transporting baby when travelling inside, in my arms, and outside, in the landau.

Nest of Angel for stroller models is to keep baby warm during his walks, but also from the nests of Angel for car seat. This model is particularly useful if you move often drive insofar as the coverage provides an opening to facilitate the passage of the car seat belt, without for as much waking baby.

How to choose a nest of Angel for baby?

This is the first question parents are asking in light of all the available models. Most often, one tends to opt for a model with a thick fabric that is sure to keep your little one warm and dry.However, other criteria are taken into account.

The Angel’s nest can be used from birth and up to 3 months in general. However, there are models adapted from 6 to 12 months. For comfort and safety, it is essential to choose a nest of Angel of the right size, often expressed in centimeters. In general, the nest of Angel at birth is about 60 centimeters although it may widely exceed this size. It is important to choose a nest of Angel too small that baby is not compressed or too big for safety reasons. Simply it wriggles in his sleep so that he finds himself buried under, the garment covers his face and he’s drowning in it. This situation can very quickly lead to the sudden death of the infant.

A sleeping bag must protect your child from cold but it does not cover it too warmly. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable to the temperature of the room and according to the clothes he wears. There are models more ventilated for the summer and others more thick for winter. Still remember to choose good material to avoid irritating the skin of your little angel.

Now you know what models head you on your purchase of the nest of Angel. Finally, feel free to choose a nest of Angel for girl or boy, with embroidery, with buttons, slides or other details that will make you happy.