How to Choose a Sports Bra

Choosing a bra is often underestimated. Visor only to the design and testing of the jumps or runs at speeds blindly. The wrong size yet may be responsible for health problems that you had at first sight not attributed. Headache, backache and stretch marks are a typical example. So how do you choose correctly

How to Choose a Sports Bra

The size of the problem is the fact that the wrong size bra worn up to 80% of women, including us Czechs. It is precisely because the aforementioned acceleration of choice when shopping. Buying clothes but it is a delicate matter. The most frequent errors are too large or small cups circuit. Its role alongside size also plays a haircut – you should choose it according to the shape of their breasts.

Council experts is: Take your clothes to buy enough time and the ideal choice consult with specially trained staff. Four eyes see more and they know what to watch out for.

The great news is that in May of this service will receive a free and still save when buying. Marks & Spencer holds an annual event in May at the right size bras Bra Fitting. Experienced clerk in any store you measure and help you with your choice. Finally, for even get a voucher with a discount of CZK 150, which you can use for your next purchase over 799 CZK – for example, the new perfectly fitting bra.

Here are 5 basic rules that you should follow:

1) Do not be afraid to be active during testing

Cut must fit perfectly. Raise your arms, bend over, try a dress shirt, under which you want to wear a bra in the future.

2)  Introduce regular measurement

Let remeasure size every 6-12 months. Factors such as weight change, puberty, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, medications, birth control because it can change according to

3) Quality above all else

Do not save at all costs. Bra worn on the skin throughout the day, so it very much depends on what material you choose, and if it is well tailored.

4) Differentiate opportunities

A fitness center or jogging in the park to choose a sports bra that is designed for increased performance and impact. Do not go to practice in that they wear all day at work.

5) Give them the proper care

Wash your bra after several wear, thereby restore their elasticity. Always follow the instructions on the tag. After washing the cups shape and allow it to dry flat. Store it in a drawer with plenty of space. Just retains the right shape.