How to Choose a SleepSack Sleeping Bag

It has different names, some call it Juiced or cozy, the SAC is a kind of small sleeping bag adapted to the size of the baby. She allows him to have the body completely covered even if it moves a lot. In addition it remains perfectly free to move because the arms are free.

It presents huge interest to avoid any risk of suffocation and allows baby to sleep safely.

Important: the duvets and blankets is not recommended before the age of one year.

How to choose the right one for my baby?

Depending on its age

The child must be at ease in his SleepSack, it must be neither too big nor too small, the baby should not feel lost in a model that is too large. Some models adapt size to the other by a system of snaps. A good rule: change size every 6 months.

Depending on the temperature of the room

Obviously the choice of the SleepSack is based on the season. Opt for natural and breathable materials for the summer and materials padded for winter. But it must also take into account the temperature of the room. Remember that the ideal temperature for the room of a child is between 18 ° and 20 °, however in some apartments the temperature sometimes reaches 22 ° in the winter… Take this into account in the choice of the SleepSack and watch carefully the TOG (heat indicator). More the TOG, the more the SAC will keep warm.

  • A 0.5 TOG is suitable for the summer or for a room whose temperature is above 22 °
  • A TOG of 2 suitable for a room heated between 19 ° and 22 °
  • A 3 TOG is ideal for winter or for a room whose temperature is between 16) and (19).

Prefer the convenience

By choosing the sleeping bags in natural materials, usually more soft they allow to limit the risk of allergies. Choose washable materials in machine for easy maintenance. Prefer the sleepers with a down opening system to facilitate the Exchange during the night, the night any unnecessary manipulation is strongly discouraged!…

If you often spend your evenings with your friends, think to the Swaddle special car seat which allows to pass the safety harness without having to wake up baby.