How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

The gig also called sleeping bag is a garment that carries the baby throughout the night so that it feels warm and perfectly safe. This sleeping bag baby version will allow your child to enjoy a quiet sleep and quality. Choose a sleeping bag suitable for her baby is not an obvious thing to do. Through this card, you choose how better describes the process undertaken to achieve the right choice.

Gigotons closer!

The baby sleeping bag is a useful product since it allows to put the child in very good conditions while sleeping. Your little brat must be as comfortable as possible. The sleeping bag is retained by some shoulder straps.

The FINANCEDNS recommends the use of a sleeping bag rather than the usual products such as pillow , the sheets or the duvet and cover.Indeed, the sleeping bag is able to fulfill all these roles by its ability to effectively conserve heat while leaving uncovered the head and arms.

As for the legs, do not panic! Your baby can move smoothly and therefore wriggle his little legs. In addition, by providing you with this ingenious accessory, your bushel will not choke (reduction of sudden death risk).

It is advisable to use the sleeping bag until the child reaches 18 months. To choose his sleeping bag, it is essential to take into account the age and size of your son or daughter but also the season (winter and summer).

Choose a sleeping bag to the right size

The sleeping bag you plan to choose must match the size of the infant. It should not be too wide (large) or too small. When your child reaches the age of two, choose her rather a baby quilt.

To choose the size of your future gig, read the following table:

The choice of material and style

We recommend you choose a sleeping bag designed from a 100% cotton fabric. This is a perfect material for babies especially when we know that their skin is quite fragile. In summer period, choose a sleeping bag (not too thick) lightweight cotton or polyester. In winter, choose the polar sleeping bag very thick.

If you wish to choose a sleeping bag that will make you all year, orient you about a product Velvet (double jersey).

There are different models of sleeping bags :

• Sleeping bag with hood and sleeping bag without a hood
• Sleeping bag with handles and sleeping bag sleeveless

Avoid choosing a model made of laces or ropes. It is preferable that the zipper of the sleeping bag from the side (that closes up and down).

What temperature is it with you?

The choice of the sleeping bag will also depend on the ambient temperature of the nursery. The sleeping bag must adapted to the temperature because if it is high, your child may overheat and contrast with a low temperature, your baby’s risk of catching cold. Make sure the room temperature is approaching 20 ° C (approximately).

On some models, you will see the TOG. TOG is an accurate measurement index that aims to evaluate the heat capacity of the sleeping bag .

Know that the TOG, the greater the risk sleeping bag to keep warm.

The sleeping bag must be adapted to the temperature of the room:

room temperature TOG gig
16/20 ° C About 3 TOG
21/23 ° C Approximately 2.5 TOG
24/27 ° C About 1 TOG

Some valuable tips

We encourage you to periodically monitor the ambient temperature of the room where the baby is.

If you make your choice in the store, make sure the inside of the sleeping bag is very soft to prevent the little guy to get hurt (some parts are sometimes spicy).

Choose a sleeping bag that is washable Machine . We do not recommend you to go through the dryer . It is highly recommended to wash the sleeping bag before the first use.

With this complete CMC card, you can dice now choose a quality sleeping bag for your baby.
How good choice with better Choose.