How to Choose a Sleeping Bag for Baby

At a young age, your baby is not yet ready to sleep with a comforter, sheets and pillows. It could even be dangerous for him because wriggling in every sense, this type of bedding increases the risk of suffocation and sudden death. Hence the usefulness of a sleeping bag, which retain heat while allowing it to move smoothly. The choice of a sleeping bag depends on several key criteria, often overlooked by young parents. Pippin Apple gives you valuable tips for choosing your pajamas bag with serenity.

Why buy a sleeping bag?

It recreates the sensation of envelopment and welfare of the cradle. It is the best accessory to facilitate the change of environment. In this regard, the transition from crib to a big bed is often difficult. So as not to disturb baby comforter can recreate its nest and make it look smaller bed. Also, to facilitate travel by car, there are self sleeping bags specially designed by TECHNOLOGY-WIKI for car seats and prams.

Choosing a sleeping bag depending on the size and age of the baby

Choosing a sleeping bag depends primarily on the morphology of the baby. They do not grow at the same pace and some appear much larger than they actually are. Therefore, it is difficult to think in terms of age to choose a garment. And like classic clothes, these miniature sleeping bags come in many sizes. The key is to choose a snug sleeping bag that is neither too broad, not that baby drowns in it, and not too tight, so it does not feel cramped. There are also scalable sleeping bags that will accompany each stage of its growth.

But what you need to remember are the standard sizes:

  • 1 Size: From birth to 6 months (about 70cm long)
  • 2 Size: 6 to 24 months (about 90cm)
  • 3 Size: 24 to 36 months (94 to 105cm)

Change gig at room temperature

The ambient temperature of the room is another determining factor when buying a sleeping bag. In fact, the baby should be neither too hot nor too cold. The sleeping bag must be adapted to the temperature of the room (ideally be between 18 ° C and 20 ° C) and not to the outside temperature. To can also opt for light summer models, sleeveless, and padded winter with sleeves, hood and gloves.

For the benefit of your cozy bag, you can refer to the heat index TOG. The higher this index, the higher the sleeping bag keeps you warm:

  • TOG 0.5 for a temperature equal or greater than 22 ° C (summer)
  • TOG 2 to a temperature between 19 ° C and 22 ° C (mid-season)
  • TOG 3 to a temperature between 16 ° C and 19 ° C (winter)

Choose a model of sleeping bag suitable for baby

To simplify the lives of parents, it is best to opt for a gig machine washable, but especially suited to the personality of the infant. For example, if baby is a light sleeper, opt for an easy slip-on with zips to close without waking him. If it is about the nocturnal disasters in his bed, consider a model with zipper between the legs to be able to change it overnight. If it wiggles a lot, you may prefer a model with detachable legs to allow him to move freely.

You’ll understand, there are many models available in several colors and themes. You’ll even match the crib round. It remains for you to choose one that suits you best!