How to Choose a Sleep Sack

The verb “fidgeting”…

The gigoteuse or Juiced is a childcare article akin to a sleeping bag for babies and young children. It is the ideal solution to cover your child during his sleep without fear that it won’t be discovered and wakes up because of the cold. Recall that, for security reasons, the use of sheets, blankets, comforters and duvets is recommended until 1 year.

Each age his SleepSack

For the comfort of your baby, Nougatine recommend use of information appropriate to his age.The SAC should always be to the right size. House Nougatine, in the utmost respect of toddlers, has developed a range of sleepers in 3 sizes while other brands of childcare offer only 2.

The Nougatine sleepers are available in the collection of your choice in the following sizes:

  • 50 cm: from birth to 3 months
  • 70 cm: 3-6 months
  • 90 cm: 6-24 months

For a comfortable sleep

The ENTERTAINMENTDNS sleeping bag proves once again its demand in manufacturing high quality and tailored to the needs of the baby: his sleepers are wider than most of the other information in the market. For reasons of economy, the competition, even the brands so-called “luxury”, offers sleepers whose width does not exceed 30 cm. Nougatine designs grobags 35 cm-wide, thus allowing baby to feel very uncomfortable to sleep peacefully.

Smart and thoughtful products

Nougatine designs its sleepers in cotton only to allow the baby to breathe skin and perspiration to evaporate. House Nougatine strongly discourages the use of fleece sleepers, because their acrylic material is uncomfortable and not breathing.

With their pressure buttons or their velcro, Nougatine grobags scratches open generously in front or on the side with a long zipper. This openness allows to place baby directly on the inner side, without major manipulations that might wake him up if he fell asleep in the arms of his Dad or his MOM wisely.