How to Choose a Mat for Hot Yoga

Here is an article to guide you if you want to offer you a carpet.

Some criteria to choose one that suits you: thickness, material, price, and above all the criteria to be considered depending on the use you make of (daily use, practice in several places, etc.).

How to Choose a Mat for Hot Yoga

And then at the end of the article, you’ll have some tips to clean your carpet and keep in shape too!

How to choose your first yoga mat?
Before discussing criteria, if this is your first carpet that you have a tight budget, as much from a traditional carpet : Standard Size: 1.80 x 60 cm, thickness 3 minutes if you travel your carpet! And if not 4.5 mn for comfort.

For videos of yoga classes online GET yogi, we used the yoga mat professional of baksheesh baba . They are sold by Dessislava, an Iyengar yoga teacher and his companion Frederick. Their carpets are simple, sleek, and especially resistant (guarantee 10 years). Not too heavy to carry. Handy if you must carry around! Good adhesion after a few hours of practice, and affordable: 18 €.

For that price, you have a certified carpet “eko-Tex Standard 100”, it means that there are no chemicals used, they are not in organic matter, at that price it n is not possible. For starters, it’s pretty good!

You can also go on the yoga mat Chin Mudra, comfortable, durable and Eco-Tex as. All information: .

The criteria to consider when buying a carpet
·The thickness: thicker or thinner (between 3 and 6 min)
+ The end of a carpet: the lightness!

> If you can not leave your carpet in the yoga room where you practice. Or you often change locations and bring you to wear to you in the yoga room through the office. This is to be taken into account.

The + with a thick carpet: comfort!

> If you practice a dynamic yoga with jumps for example, over the carpet is thicker, it will protect the joints. And even without a dynamic yoga. When you are in a posture on the lap for example, this can be a bit painful (you can double up in this case). By cons it will be a little heavier, but also depends on the material.

Between organic materials, eco tex mandatory standards and textures more or less pleasant, you have a plethora of choices.

Again it depends on your yoga practice, your values, and your budge t (about 70 € for a rug with organic materials) such as maternity yoga pants.

If you practice several times a week, or a dynamic or yoga makes you sweat a lot like bikram (yoga in a heated room). Prefer natural, absorbent materials such as mats or rubber mat covered (YUJ, Natures and discoveries), for example, less slippery carpets more “plastic” and that wash easily.

While waiting to find the rug that suits you, you may have a fitness carpet? Or a floor mat that you use for hiking or camping? This may be suitable for first courses.

And then practice on the ground, it is quite possible too. On the floor, it will not be terrible and it may slip, so pay attention anyway!

How to care for her yoga mat?
Some rugs are machine washable at 40 ° c, careful not to use too much detergent and especially to let it air dry.

And every day: here is a natural recipe to clean your yoga mat after your practice . Water, vinegar, a few drops of essential oils.

You can download the recipe for a yogi mats fit and odorless!