How to Catch a Goldfish

Learn how to catch a Golden Starfish

For any fisherman worth his salt iscar a Golden Starfish is cause for celebration. He can measure up to two meters and weigh 40 Kg, the Mahi-Mahi is one of the most beautiful fish of the sea, though for the most part is not found in all your potential, being more common copies with about of 1.5 meter and between 4 Kg and 13 Kg.

To find him simply fishing on the coast between the Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina. The gold of the sea enchants with its metallic shades ranging from Golden, in the belly, the strong, dorsally blue, with a dorsal fin with about 60 of lightning and that spans the entire length of the body in a high and majestic. Extremely fast and capable of simply spectacular jumps, gold-fish deserves a dignified, focused on sustainability and the preservation of the species.

Suitable equipment

Watch out for the fishing lines and ideals of your junk box, because these details are essential. Fishing the sea-is recommended a 30 lb rod, reel medium with a storage capacity of 150 to 220 metres of multifilament line with a fluorocarbon leader of 0.55 mm. One of the decoys, the artificial surface is by far the most efficient.

This species is migratory, so live in large schools or in pairs on the high seas, but the younger fish tend to stray and get close to shore typically in smaller shoals for breeding-and this happens in virtually any time of year.

The interesting thing is that they often follow large objects, such as tree trunks, and as are surface fish, that can serve as a flag. When this is the best technique for fishing it is the pitch, being able to count on an attack almost certain to bait.

Their main food consists of crustaceans, flying fish, halfbeak, paratis sardines, squid and small fish in General, including in the night. In the summer, when the waters are more heated, they are more easily found near the Islands to the Mainland. In this case the best method of fishing are the long shots with artificial lures, picking up quickly giving little touches, i.e. collecting and ponteando until it get to you.

What is the time for fishing?

In addition to the back of the espírito Santo and Santa Catarina, the Golden Starfish is also found in the North, Northeast, South and Southeast, virtually the entire length between the Amapá and Santa Catarina. In January and February the Golden Starfish are closer to the cliffs, and between October and March closer to the coast, usually under floating structures – and that is precisely the best time to hook them, mainly in the South and Southeast regions because of water temperature between 22 and 28 degrees and the currents, since they are pelagic fish, i.e., passing through.

Don’t forget, however, that fishing must be sport, not predatory, it should be restricted to those who need it to survive. Value by practicing sustainability conscious fishing that fishing and drop. Long live the thrill of fishing, shoot a lot and return the fish to the sea so you can reproduce and continue filling the sea of joy and colors, offering unforgettable moments like this.