How Much Does It Cost to Go Fishing

It was a Sunday. We were a fishing buddy and I arguing about how we spent annually on fishing, we made mental accounts by multiplying the number of annual fisheries at your cost, plus the times fish & pay, plus maybe a long fishing trip per year, plus a few spools of line and etc. and such, reaching an approximate value. Worth having a boat or not?
Finally, intrigued, I decided to give it a deeper treatment, perhaps even more economically technician, after all, what is the impact of my pleasure in the family budget?
I realized that in all the Bills we forgot one however. The fixed asset. The annual cost to buy and keep the junk. In this line we are presenting two situations.
The first consists of the fisherman who has boat equipped, in the second the fisherman don’t own him.
For the execution of the calculations, was considered the following environment:
Bait fisherman casting, which is at least 11 weekend annual fisheries of type excurcionada, an annual fishing trip long haul type Amazon and six stays in fish & pay annually.
For costs, two relevant aspects to be explained and that have been computed, were the cost of annual depreciation of the equipment, whose lifetimes were estimated or by information from manufacturers or obsolescence of the equipment, and the opportunity cost, which is what we could get from financial investments to yield that value tied up in equipment. It might seem ridiculous, or even fool the placement, but the analysis would never be correct without these considerations. After all money also costs, say the economists.
To consider the opportunity cost of 12.87% p.a. fee on the total value of the fixed asset, rate offered by most banks for investment funds.
For equipment considered, a very good equipment, maybe the best cost x benefit, and to the boat a boat reasonably comfortable. Of course if costs change stops with the improvement of equipment and down with the worse. The fisherman can adapt worksheets of your way.