How Care for The Famous: Will Smith (V)


Today’s the turn, in the series How is care for the famous, a Will Smith Since many of you, both on the web and via Facebook have asked us that we were speaking about the incredible transformation that has had “ the fresh Prince of Bel Air ” from its beginnings on television so far.

I think that everyone knows to Will Smith, American actor of 42 years, which is a good example for display in the series How is care for the famous. Your body has changed dramatically in films like Ali in which increased weight and muscle surprisingly, to roles in I Robot or I am Legend where exhibited an enviable defined body.


According to the need that has Will Smith change the diet to tackle the paper you need. Alí Will make it elevated their carbohydrate intake to maximize even simple sugar carbohydrates since its objective was to gain volume, getting up to increase 15kilos.

But when it has had to be defined to the maximum has based its power on high amount of proteins and carbohydrates to the maximum. We have already spoken about these extreme diets, which are not very healthy and should be controlled to the maximum to not suffer imbalances or kidney problems. It came to feed for 5 consecutive days with protein foods like chicken and Turkey Breast, without only ingest carbohydrates (we imagine it was to get into ketosis).


As with diet Will Smith He did various routines for one or another objective. For his role in Ali was based on high training load, with session of weights 5 days a week, looking for the strength and hypertrophy, with very heavy loads, coming up from bench press 80kilos to 160kg. Sessions were eternal reaching train 6 hours a day, but it should be clear that many sessions were boxing for catching technique for his role.

In change in roles such as I Robot or I am legend, his goal was to lose fat the most, coming to stay at 7% body fat. Training also 5 days a week, two sessions of weights and cardio that ran 8km daily. Weights routine training a muscle group a day, removing the burden of heavy weights, based on low loads with long series with little rest.

Will Smith He acknowledged that it took much more weight set, it seems their genetics are more likely to burn fat and be defined that store fat and catch big muscle volume. I imagine that their race will also have much to do. In addition to make before the work of hypertrophy to Ali then only had to do the work of definition, this is what they do for years an infinite number of bodybuilders.

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