How Care for Celebrity: Adriana Lima (I)

Today started a new series of posts on HowStuffWorks that will try on How is care for the famous and to start better than the image of Victoria Secrets the sculptural Adriana Lima, a top Brazilian model of 29 years which raises passions with your photos and slideshows, go where you go.

We want to make you participate you as always in the post that we do at HowStuffWorks, so we want to us to leave comments in the last entry of How is care for the famous about that famous want to talk about. This week the decision to speak of Adriana Lima We have taken it from a comment from our partner rosalba24 you made a comment in the post on simple repeats.

As we have been able to find out from Adriana Lima It is a very methodical and strict person and cares if power to detail every day, based their diet on one intake very low in carbohydrates, and rarely falls into the temptation of some caprichito. That is sincere because the supermodel most say that they eat what they want and then are skeletal.

In the television show “ The Cut ” acknowledged to look so enviable physical making a combination of different protein shakes called Metagenic, eats green vegetables, all grilled or steamed, or four ounces of any type of protein. That is what tends to lunch and dinner, and every three hours you take a protein shake or one bar of cereals.

Adriana has confessed that it comes every day to the gym, since he thought that the sport should be part of the life of the world. In the gym Capoeira aerobics, a rhythmic and fun exercise consisting in combined exercises of the Brazilian martial art (Capoeira) but with more pace if it’s possible to make it even more aerobic.

The Capoeira It is a perfect sport since increases cardiovascular endurance, improves resistance and muscular strength, increases flexibility, power the knowledge of their own body, helps develop coordination skills and provides a high level of basic movements control.

I imagine that there will be a queue that will turns the city, because see this woman training should be to join that gym quite a spectacle.