High Speed Reels

What is a reel “disengaged”? This question intrigues you? Behind this reference, there is a particular brake mechanism that team some reels.

Learn how works the disengageable reel and his interest for fishing carp. The detachable reel will be no secrets for you!

The detachable reel, what is it?

A disengageable reel is equipped with a specific brake mechanism, brake disengaged. Fish smart team, we called magic brake!

In general, there are detachable reels, ‘classic’ said reels that do not have this type of brake. The ‘classic’ reels are named “Front Drag Reel.

You have the choice between these 2 types of mechanisms to choose your carp reel.

The detachable reel and its mechanism in 2 brakes

The detachable reel has 2 brakes. These brakes are used at specific times when you are fishing carp.

Battle of the reel brake, 1 brake mechanism

The main brake is usually located on the front of your reel on the top of the drum. This brake is the combat brake said. That is, it is operated during the struggle with the carp, once hooked to your hook.

During this struggle, the CARP tries to escape. The brake is used to hold the carp and to control the tension force exerted at the end of the line.

The reel brake disengaged, 2nd brake mechanism

The detachable brake is located on the back of your reel. It is materialized by a small tab located at the foot of your reel. The detachable brake is used when your carp rod is placed on your rod (rod pod) is based.

Reel in disengaged brake operation

To activate the brake disengaged, you need to press the small tab located at the foot of your reel. By this manipulation, you cut the link between the main brake and the mechanism of the drum of your reel.

As the link is cut between the main brake and drum, your line is more blocked by the brake. The drum can then place your fishing line unless the main brake resistance.

On departure of a carp, your line goes effortlessly. The CARP can go with your fishing line in his flight. At this time, the CARP cannot feel resistance. It can run without being too aggressive.

Once you hold your cane in hand, simply to operate your reel crank. This automatically switches the main brake to combat the carp.

So, the connection between the main brake and drum of your reel is re-established.

By activating the main brake again, carp is stopped in his flight. The brake of combat to a resistance to control the carp.

The high speed reel works very simple. It facilitates the handling of your reel for fishing carp.

Advantages and disadvantage of high speed reel

The simplicity of the operation of the high speed reel allows him to have many benefits. There is also a major disadvantage should not be overlooked. Well Yes, as for the rest of fishing for carp, the perfect reel does not exist!

The advantages of the high speed reel

You can see that the disengaged brake operation is very simple. It requires no special technical skills. It is his interest.

The 1st reel in disengaged brake advantage is its ease of use. The detachable brake mechanism allows you to adjust the main brake at the time your cane is at rest.

The detachable brake allows you to adjust the level of the brake of fighting until a carp can catch your bait. Isn’t this magical?

As a result, you can perform other activities on your fishing station.  You can have the free spirit without being constantly worried to miss a start because of a brake too tight.

The 2nd benefit of disengaged brake is that the CARP cannot feel resistance in his flight. It is very convenient and especially during abrupt departures of carp (CARP wild or combative).

CARP can escape without to train your cane with her.

As the CARP cannot feel resistance, your cane remains well fixed on your rod (rod pod) is based. This can avoid a few misadventures, including material that ends up in the water!

The major drawback of the high speed reel

The main disadvantage of the detachable reel lies in the addition of the secondary brake. What for? Well good, ’cause this 2nd brake mechanism combined with the main brake weighed down the overall weight of your reel.

For some anglers, the extra weight of the detachable reel is not a problem. While for others, it is a major drawback for fishing carp.

You can get a more precise idea on the type of reel carp, the most suitable for you.

If this isn’t the case, you can read our article on how to choose between high speed reel or front brake? It details a simple method to choose your type of reel for carp.

The benefits that you win with an ingenious mechanism are offset by a relative disadvantage!

The special features of your reel beget more or less annoying drawbacks. It is a key law in physics!

The simplicity of operation and use of the high speed reel makes an almost magical tool!