High Speed on Two Wheels Will Heat Up Green Line

The athletes are training hard for all corners of the State of Rio for this test. The Green Line of Macaé will host cycling athletes who will compete in the Individual Counter-Strike event on Saturday, starting at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, starting at 8:00 p.m., and will be the Resistance Road race. In the Green Line will operate a special traffic operation to ensure the safety of athletes, held by the Department of Urban Mobility of Macaé.

According to Decio Viana, a federated athlete, “I’m having a different experience. I had never organized a cycling event. I have already started training with friends and I see a very different world. Before I was the athlete who was on the starting line, feeling cold in the belly, running in the platoons. Now I am learning to organize a test, document and prepare everything so that the athletes can score and interact with the athletes of Macaé.Up to that point the race is important because it prepares new organizers and makes the city receive excellent projects like this”.

The veteran athlete and paradesportivo, Mr. Manoel Augusto Botelho, also from Macaé, will participate and comments that “it is great to see the city getting involved in this way.I’m going to take a test at a place I spend every day that I consider my backyard. I just have to congratulate the municipal management a lot for this.”

The athlete Manoel is from Macaé, already participated in the Brazil Cup of Paraclete and is already training strong for the State in Macaé. Photo: Joelma Leite

When it comes to support and municipal management, cycling passes through a good moment in the city of Macaé. Mayor Aluizio inaugurated the first cycle of the city on October 11, linking the beach of Imbetiba to Fort Marechal Hermes.

The Urban Mobility Secretary, Evandro Esteves, comments that “we are building our Cycle Route Plan and the intention is for the city to be interconnected by cycle paths and cycle paths from the North Zone to the South Zone. And events are important for popularization in parallel To the work of education and inspection, so that this project is safe and effective”.

Concluding, for the President of Fesportur, Ricardo Salgado, says that “cycling is a modality that has been growing in Macaé and in every country, winning a considerable number of athletes. This stage is another great sporting event contemplated in our calendar, which seeks to meet various modalities. In addition, the modality has a very interesting peculiarity, since it carries linked an environmental awareness of its practitioners-emphasized Salgado.

The registrations are still open, being carried out by the website of Bikebros. Just go to out site and click on the evidence inscriptions icon.

The 2014 State Road Championship is an achievement of the Municipality of Macaé, through Fesportur, with the seal of Fecierj.

The key to the win the champion is the speed of the bike, see how the wheel  influences the speed, BeautyPhoon.