Heart Coherence Training

Your heart rate is in constant change. Emotional and physical processes that the interval between heartbeats a moment will be bigger than the second time. Pulse frequency is variable. The degree of coherence of the heart rate variability is called heart coherence. Used in sports psychology from the heart coherence training to get an athlete mentally balanced. How does this training in sports psychology and what is the result?


Your heart beats in a certain rhythm. Through the physical and emotional events will change your heart rhythm. So not only will your heart to beat faster during strenuous exercise, but also, for example, tension during a match.Your heart rate is variable. Once your heart is beating faster than other times. We call this your heart rate variability. These changes of heart beat can sit a certain regularity. The degree of coherence of the heart rate variability is called heart coherence. A big heart coherence means that your heart rate variability is very common. In a graphical view that this looks like a flowing wavy heartbeat. A low heart consensus looks like a more jerky, with a top of the line.

Why heart coherence education?

Your heart and your brain are interconnected. The idea of a very difficult match, can your heart beat faster. And a peaceful heart rate ensures accurate to relax muscles. You can train yourself to get a high heart coherence. A high heart coherence can have a number of beneficial effects, including:

  • Sense of balance in their
  • Stress reduction
  • Deeper breathing
  • Improving Concentration

In the management of athletes heart coherence education can complement other mental skills that are trained. It is a fun and practical way of exercise where you get similar feedback on your performance.
Heart coherence Training is done with the help of a computer and a sensor to measure heart coherence.Through proper breathing techniques and mind you end up in a bigger heart coherence. When training in heart coherence via the computer, is the athlete is fed via a sensor attached to a registration application on your PC. With this program you can play different games. For example, there is a game where an image will be more color and effects when you have a high heart coherence. So you get as an athlete by computer instant feedback on your heart coherence.
Athletes can at home or at training and match measure their heart coherence through a portable device.With the help of a sensor on your ear or finger on the device is the heart coherence is measured. The result is indicated with a led. The light turns green, then you have a high heart coherence. Colours light is red, you have a low heart coherence. Similar to a traffic light, there is also the orange color in the middle.

When the heart coherence training used in sports psychology?

Not all sports psychologists use cardiac coherence education in their practice. This has to do with the desires of the sports psychologist for the teaching of mental skills of the sport and think it’s cost effective to purchase the equipment. Sports psychologists who use heart coherence training will integrate this often in breathing exercises and concentration exercises. Athletes using portable equipment during training and competition, in order to get to a real heart coherence. These portable devices must buy an athlete often himself.
In short, the heart coherence training in sports psychology in a way to allow an athlete to be aware of and working on their mental balance. Training can lead to reduced stress, improved concentration and better mental balance.