Guess Which Model Behind The Ornate Look Folk…

Is model, “bisnietisima’s” and each time is more thin and blond. Image time party of several companies, some of them, Spanish flag, has paraded not long ago in an important national gateway. Here I can read. This month occupies an ethnic editorial in Vogue Japan with aires markedly folk that teaches us to manage overlaps, the mix of prints and almost styles. And from here I propose adinivar Who is it.

Of the wrap with Sam Browne belt to waist, mark should have it assumed at this point in the season, and now that the cold has finally arrived, we will have to put it into practice. Stockings fancy, preferably white and black and punk geometry, is another trend to assimilate. And of scarves, handkerchiefs or scarves in threes, we must try. I do not know if it convinces us both is the idea of putting us all together…

Returning the identity of the mannequin, so on his back, the thing does not improve. But the coat of skin can is a good track for guess who is…


I have given too many tracks, I was the same with the ‘Guess who’s the designer’

I leave the rest of the editorial Gallery so you can enjoy it.

See complete gallery» guess which model the ornate look behind folk

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