Going Camping? Stay Tuned to the Tips!

You like being close to nature and always found interesting to do activities involving physical preparation. Then, decides to camp out and leave the theory. Very well. Congratulations! Now it’s worth staying tuned to some golden tips to take advantage of this moment in the best possible way – knowing, of course, that no matter how much you plan, will always have contingencies. But the best plan, the greater the chance to be able to really enjoy.

1) natural insect repellent
To avoid unwanted company mosquitoes, by the time you are making your fire,burn some Sage leavescommon in it. The smell keeps the bugs so it all works out. And, to pass the body, hydrating oil for babies is excellent choice.


2) To difficulties in fire
Did you know that Doritos are excellent allies to operate your fire? It is important to have something to set himself alight, because friction only is not enough. You can also use cotton and wax, stack and gum wrapper, or battery and steel wool.


3) Ticks: another problem
Ticks and other parasites are also drawbacks and very common in areas surrounded by green beauties. If you are bitten by some, just soak cotton in a little bit of liquid soap. Then apply on the animal for 20 seconds. He’s going to stop bitingand getting off easy, easy.


4) Backpack less busy
Microfiber towels, to compose your backpack (which is already full of tools) areonly an advantage for your outdoor adventure: cheap, easy to store and dry fast.


5) more convenience (also thinking on heavy backpack)
You may need masking tape or duct tape. Remember to pass them around the bottle. So, you don’t need to carry so many rolls of tape. If necessary, it’s just unwind them from the bottle and use.


6) the expected time of meals
Last but not least, let’s do another important point for your camp. Want to makea steak for lunch and want to prevent your food burn at the stake? Just wrap thecabbage and then in aluminum foil. Typically, the leaf moisture prevents the meat get too dry or burn. And remember: there’s a lot more important tips for anyone who is going out for an adventure in nature (especially if you’re first-timer); These are just some of them. Enjoy!