Funny Fishing Trip Stories

This is the Nice narrative of a golden fishing from our friend Antonio Luiz Noronha, which took place in the 1960s. … Hugs, Vitor and Ailton.

I remember it was a Saturday, April 1962. Around 10:30 the morning, no wind, the Green River water was clean. I was fishing to round with my brother John, in the rapids of the left margin below the station Flora. Canoinha of cedarwood, small and light. When dry, weighed just over 300 pounds, all cavernada, Bank had only to the piloteiro. We used sugar cane sticks from India with six meters long made home, cut on the Moon right, well worked, with encastôo of tucum rope one meter at each end. Mustad steel lines of three metres more or less. Mustad fish hooks/8 hooks baited with two fine red-tailed lambaris caught in the river Neath, on the border between the municipalities of Three Hearts and Varginha. I was going to sit in the pilot’s seat, and my brother sitting on the bottom of the canoe complaining, because I never liked fish of round. I thought boring. Good for him was apoitar in a shadow play the bottom line or set up a fishing pole and stay, waiting for pitando came.

I was with my stick into his legs, supported by the left hand, because his right hand was holding the paddle pulling slowly, reducing the velocity of the canoe in the rapids. Keeping the line taut steel, on the left side of the canoe. John pitando a joint Petit Oval stolen from my grandfather. And I had some cash my, pitava a fine blend, smoke which always enjoyed … And the Johnny complain: “that’s boring, it’s hot in here. Look how good umbrella under that tree! Let’s take a quick stop, this round takes work, “he said sitting at the bottom of the canoe, looking at me with the stick under the left arm and the right side, because fishing was left-handed. In fact, fish of round with Canoe paddle. Down the river you paddle slowly behind, just to reduce a little the speed of the canoe relative to the river currents. But while on the “point” of the round, the way was to turn the canoe, get the edge and put the paddle upstream (instead of current is not easy) to get to the place to start the round. I had done it five times, and was already a little tired. It was a good round, long, but this also meant a long time paddling hard to go back to the beginning and go back to fish.

And John and I pretend not to listen, because who was forcing the paddle all the time I was alone. Suddenly, the tip of my Rod gave a violent, curved stick cable went up and knocked me in the balls! John yelling “SURE is GREAT!”, and I not knowing if I’d put the paddle and put my hand on the parts that were hurt or hold the handle of the stick. I have executed the Cape of golden rod and jumped pretty, close, maybe three or four times. Because the animal was great and the large golden jump little. There, at the moment, just remember the lessons of my father and my grandfather: “keep the rod up, don’t let the rod tip stick fight with the fish, don’t pull.” John always told to prancheou soon. But, I don’t remember right, just remember the gold at the bottom of the canoe, and I sitting on the bench with the parties still sore. That was the biggest gold I’ve ever got in my life: 12 pounds without the heavy balance of barrigada, railroad station of the RMV in Flora. Even before she died, my brother when I wanted to bother me I mimicked, remembering that moment I not about what to do with the rowing, fishing rod and balls aching. In fact, that was a fishing trip you won’t forget never. It was worth the pain? The whole fishery is worth, but I did with my brother, my father or my grandfather are unforgettable for me. Even in bad times, such as when fishing in a river flood sábalo fish Machado, a tributary of the Sapucaí, near the town of Fame … my father tarrafeou a mourão about big, who was with barbed wires wrapped around, and I had to dip a bit until you can cut the rope out of her mouth to retrieve the pellets. And was still July. (Text of the partner and friend Antonio Luiz Noronha)