France Fishing Licence

Why you must have a fishing license to fish for carp? Well because fishing in France is regulated and any angler must comply.

In order to fish carp ponds or public water bodies, therefore required to have a fishing card. This card will allow you to fish on areas predefined by your Department.

A SIN card, what for?

The banks and the banks, what is commonly called “fishing rights” belong to the State’s rivers and navigable channels or riparian owners regarding the rivers, lakes and ponds.

It is in this legal framework of the right of the property that the Associations approved of fishing and Protection of the aquatic environment (A.A.P.P.M.A) and the federations which group together them, rent or acquire this right of fishing for carp fishermen to practice their hobby. In order to access those areas of fishing, the fishermen have to pay a fishing water bottle listed on

The fishing card is a right of access and fishing areas or territories determined.

It is an essential document for anyone who wishes to practice fishing and, here, especially for fishing carp.

You can order your card online fishing. You can also get in an authorized association or in some stores of sport as a decathlon for example.

Map of fishing and fishing of carp in France

Anyone wishing to fish the CARP must obtain permission to fish in rivers, canals, streams and water bodies. The fisherman to the 2 following conditions are met:

1st condition: the fisherman must justify its membership to an authorized association of fishing and protection of the aquatic environment (A.A.P.P.M.A), issuing him a card of personal sin against payment of an annual fee.

2nd condition: the sinner must also pay a fee that allows you to finance the protection of the aquatic environment. The amount of this fee is variable depending on the frequency of fishing this year. The amount of this fee is included in € 1 and € 20 per year.

There is an exception to these 2 conditions for fishing carp.

Any person who engages in fishing during the annual day of the promotion of fishing and as part of the activities organized by the federations of the A.A.P.P.M.A is exempt from these justifications. This allows the associations concerned to promote fishing and thus bring new recruits.

Generally, these two contributions are already included in the price of the fishing card. It is transparent for all fishermen.

Map of fishing and environmental protection

As we have seen above, the fishing card allows its holder access to fishing areas and also to be able to fish there.

Contributions of the fishing card allow financing 4 types of actions all in connection with the protection of the aquatic environment:

1 Fund missions of general interest, the A.A.P.P.M.A, the federations at the departmental level, their unions at the regional level and the National Federation of fisheries and the protection of the aquatic environment.

2 carry out maintenance work, restoration, protection of aquatic ecosystems and measures of management and protection of fish heritage throughout the community network.

3 ensure the functioning of the network of information, animation, monitoring and environmental education and the aquatic environment.

4 partially fund the water agencies charged by law to fund the policy of water in France. This is funded by the licence fee for the protection of the aquatic environment. This royalty corresponds to the 2nd condition cited in the paragraph “2 conditions for fishing in France”.

Map of fishing, this document which seems very important, is actually essential to fishing of carp in France.

The fishing card is an administrative document that has 2 roles in the regulation of fishing in France.

The first, for fishermen so that they can have access to fishing areas and practice their hobby.

The second for associative networks in France which can ensure their prevention and environmental protection missions.