Formula 1 2015 Calendar

On 15 March, 2015, Formula 1 is started. This year is the biggest racing event in the world started in Australia.The final race will be held in Abu Dhabi. This year is a special year for the Netherlands and Formula 1 sport in General. For 17-year-old Max verstappen will make his debut for the team Toro Rosso. He is the youngest participant ever in Formula 1. The competition is obviously grew up with him. Both father and mother earned their spurs in motorsport. Father Jos in F1 and mother Sophie in the world.

The 2015 season

The season consists of 19 races in 2015. The start is on March 15. November 29 is the last, and we know who will succeed Lewis Hamilton. It is for the neutral spectator hoping that this season will be more exciting.In 2014, there were 19 races, only the first three riders who crossed the finish line. Besides Hamilton knew Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo to win a race. And Pole Position not to say everything was completed in 2014. Hamilton was only 7 x front, while Nico Rosberg whopping 11 x first may start.Brazil’s Felipe Massa was the only driver who could start from pole position. This was during the GP Austria.

Program 2015

The program is as follows:

The competitions

At the same time there are 10 races are held. Lewis Hamilton is the first, but still closely followed by his teammate Nico Rosberg. Because of this achievement led the team Mercedes have now risen to a whopping 157 points and the title race seems Constructors already completed. Last year Mercedes managed to well with a large margin to win the title. Ferrari, the current number two, then finished fourth.The gap with other designers is immense.

Standings after eight rounds: top 5 teams

Performance Max Verstappen

Despite his young age is Max verstappen is doing well in its first year. He now has 22 points, thanks to a spectacular fourth-place finish in the Grand Prix in Hungary. His team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr. Now have a big gap with our compatriot. The Spaniard has so far collected nine points for the team Toro Rosso.