For Working Back Leg Press of Thigh

Posterior musculature of the legs work, is important above all to establish a harmony with its antagonistic muscles, quadriceps. In many sports (running, cycling…) especially the anterior muscles are working and the rear is neglected, What can cause a muscle imbalance that will affect the quality of the movement and possible appearance of lesions.

The press is an ideal machine to work the rear leg musculature. There are plenty of designs in press machines: more or less inclined, with discs or plates and moving platform or seat. However the aim of the exercise is the same, raise an amount of weight in decubitus supine, standing or sitting position so requesting the flexor muscles of the knee (hamstring).

Work in press can be done with one leg or both, depending on the specific nature that is exercise. It is important not to bend the knee in the eccentric footwork too to prevent damage to the joint, the most recommended limit is the of the 90º bending.

Depending on the position taken we can affect more or less one or other muscles, the ideal position to work the hamstrings and glutes is supporting feet in the upper part of the platform, on the contrary if the support is in the lower part that will be working is just the opposite, quadriceps.