Five Things to Take into Account in Your First Spinning Class

We continue with the series of posts in which I will give five tips before going into your first class from different disciplines. Last week we started with Pilates, and this week we continue with another of the most sought after classes in the gym: the spinning.

It is true that, if you have not entered a spinning session ever, from outside gives a little scary: normally you don’t usually watch able to endure so long on the pedals or carry the rhythm of veteran students. To avoid surprises once you have decided to leave the five points to keep in mind in your first spinning class.

  • Is it your first class? Does not need to do it at the same level as others. Keep this clear from the beginning and save you hassles and bad experiences. It’s a new class, a motion that it is possible that you’ve never seen before (spinning bike is not like a bike or a ride), and a pace that probably you are not accustomed. First class (and some more), at your own pace.
  • It regulates the bike properly: If you don’t know how to do it, asks for help to the instructor (also explained you in this post by Jared beauty). Bikes tend to have markers numbered in the settings, so point them to know what is the correct size for the upcoming sessions.
  • Watch your posture throughout the session: Remember that the body weight your central area, must support it so you will realize a intense work of abdomen. It tries to bring the shoulders away from ears, the long neck and head looking forward and not down. Good posture optimizes your resources and prevents injuries.
  • Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water: hydrated! During the session of spinning much fluid is lost in the form of sweat, so it is very important that we hidratemos in the proper before, during and after class. Throughout the class, there will be pauses for drinking water, but you don’t have to wait: If you are thirsty, drink.
  • Don’t get out in the middle of the session: end it, at your own pace, but until the end. Sit down when you find it necessary, low resistance if you see that you can not more, but it continues to pedal at your own pace. It is a good way to adapt to your body to the effort that requires a session of this kind. Always makes the return to calm and the final stretches: don’t ignore them you!
  • Bonus: have fun! A spinning class does not have to be a Chinese torture: much of the appeal of these sessions is fun pedaling in the rhythm of the music group, so it takes to have a good time in the company of your fellow.

You will be tired, sure, but with the satisfaction of having broken the barrier of fear that has prevented many entering this class for a long time.

Cheer up, and to give pedals!!