Five Mistakes That We Should Avoid The Practice of Spinning (And How to Fix Them)

Much to pass the years spinning or indoor cycle is still trendy: kinds of gyms are always up to the flag and every day there are more people who decided to form in this discipline. If once we talk about the five things that we should take into account in our first spinning class, today we bring you the five most common mistakes that tend to commit in this discipline so avoid committing them.

Make a good kind of spinning is much more than get on the bike and give pedals like crazy, there are a few safety guidelines that we follow to avoid injury and maximize the benefits of the session. Learn to recognize the most common mistakes is the first step to correct them and prevent them.

  • Look at the ground or burying the head between shoulders: or what I call “the turtle”. What’s on the ground that interests us both? The correct posture would maintain an optimal alignment of the neck with the rest of the spine, i.e., look ahead in a comfortable way. Look toward the ground we generate a misalignment that creates great tension in the neck, and can lead to posterior neck pain.
  • Support the entire weight of the body on the handlebars: don’t worry, the handlebar you won’t it remove. Every day I see people who cling to the handlebars of the bike as if les was the life in it, throwing the entire weight of his body on top of it. This derives in great tension in the shoulders and wrists. The right thing would be distribute the body weight through our stabilizing muscles (the muscles of the core) and the handlebar should always be used as a light support.
  • Pedaling standing with the tips of the feet facing downward: This is easy to happen if we do not use a specific footwear for spinning, but it can also occur even if we use coves. During climbing, especially foot, the sole of the foot should be flat, with the toe facing slightly upwards. Thus we optimize pedaling and economize effort. Make sure that, in case of using cleats, these are properly seated in the shoe.
  • Load wrong by excess or defect: with traditional spinning bikes (the manuals, which do not have a digital system in which we can see the burden we carry) have to calculate resistance “a moment”, and there is never two equal bikes. Sometimes we have to give thousand turns Roulette to carry a light load while that of the bike of to the side, with a Nick, can hardly move it. This is because that most bicycle shoe brake suffers heavy wear with use.The ideal is to find our “set point” the bicycle: a point which does not cost us to give pedals, but that if you bring charges for not rolling in vacuum, and from hence make modifications we deem necessary, always following the indications of the instructor. The instructor has previously designed the session, and knows why in a given moment have to go to 60% of our FCM, and in another moment will 80%: ask case and not go to your roll for the session correctly.
  • Not sit to perform stretches: who do not ever happened? Low bike and suddenly… Stampede! I understand we all have great hurry in our daily lives, and that we are running here and there, but we need to understand the importance of stretching.Stretches are part of the session of spinning, and are as important as global warming or any other part of the session. We must make a progressive lowering of keystrokes to later focus on stretching: this It will prevent possible muscle aches, back injuries and facilitates recovery, Since it increases the oxygenation of the muscles.

Keep in mind these possible errors in your next session to minimize them and make the most of your training avoiding injuries. Other mistakes repeat themselves in your spinning class?