Five Benefits of Pilates

After talking of other activities such as spinning, Body Combat, Body Pump or suspension training, is time to comment the five benefits offered by working with the Pilates method.

In the past we have said that Pilates is a method of work created by Joseph H. Pilates based on five principles that respect all schools, although each instructor gives a personal touch. But, What benefits gives a Pilates session?

The first, and I think that more important would be the benefit of aware of our own body, Since this they derive all others. Know separate movements, activating the corresponding parts of the body is of utmost importance to have a good body control.

The work of the core or Powerhouse, as it is known to the pilateros, it is brutal, is active at all times. I am not speaking only of the rectus abdominis and lumbar, but muscles that internal part of the section media, such as the multifidos or the transverse.

If we work with the Pilates method, this will result in a greater postural correction. During the practice of Pilates, before each fiscal year must adopt a correct posture (stabilizing waist shoulder girdle and the pelvic area among others), something that will easily transfer to our daily lives and that will give us a better quality of life.

The breath control, very important when working with Pilates, it’s that mark the rhythm of the exercises and the difficulty, we will benefit in other sports. A controlled breathing will make us more efficient in the cardiovascular work.

Finally, the work of the pelvic floor Pilates also offer us benefits at the level of our sex life. In the case of men, can alleviate the problems of erectile dysfunction, and in the women’s control of the pelvic muscles helps us to enjoy better sex.

I hope that these benefits will encourage you to try a Pilates session, in any of its forms, if you have not done so. Do you encourage to take control of your body?