Fishing with Kid

Fishing is more than catch fish, fishing is catch friends and keep them in your heart forever. All of us who love fishing we have the privilege of spending some of our best moments alongside people who are part of our lives. And, if these people are our children, we can then join our leisure the opportunity to be living in the wild with those whom we love and we must teach and protect. There is no better place to teach values such as respect, solidarity and friendship than on a fishing trip with friends and children. It was with that thought that a friend and client proposed we organize a special fishing trip on what would his friends and their children. The idea was to take the kids on a productive fishery, in a region that offers comfort and safety. The one was the Pousada Rio Xingu, in Altamira, because we believe one of the best fishing structures of Brazil and also by the abundance of fish of the Xingu River.

Chosen the date, we started thinking about planning, because we wouldn’t have kids first-time anglers only; also some of the parents were about to make your first long-distance fishery began talking with worried mothers who were fearful for the safety of their children, but after getting to know the structure of the Inn, were satisfied with the comfort and safety items. The second step was to set up a meeting in a nearby location in which we could fish and assess the stuff nestmate fishing, and decided that going fishing on a Sunday in the waters of Treme, where we met the young fishermen aged between 7 and 16 years; It was very interesting to see the animation of all while recommendations the stuff and we were talking about the fishing in that region. All properly directed, was the anxiety the day of fishing. Finally, the big day has arrived: we leave from BH to the Xingu River where we find a pretty full at the time, but seeing the disposition of young fishermen I concluded that nothing would discourage these guys. Soon after the first morning of fishing, over lunch at the Inn was hard to tell who was more excited, on one side the young fishermen counting the fish, talking about the equipment or on the beauty of the River, and on the other side the parents proud and glad to be offered these moments for the kids and enjoying with them these emotions.

The fishing was very productive and we had the chance to catch many fish such as pirararas, cacharas, palm hearts, jaús and other species, especially a big jaú captured on the first day of fishing and who left the class very lively. But, from what has been lived and learned in this experiment, there is nothing to compare to a fishing trip to strengthen the bonds between parents and children, and show the young fishermen the examples of friendship, camaraderie and cordiality common among fishermen. If you do not take your child fishing experience.