Fishing with Artificial Lures

Rod, Reel/Reel, line or bait? Participate in our poll and check out the view from our experts.

Pepe Mélega
Stick- Because the appropriate model defines the best work of artificial bait and gives advantages to the fisherman in the fight with the fish.

Guilherme Monteiro
Stick- Because the bait we can replace it with another. The line also. We can use one or the other. Already the reel, although very important, we can also employ a more outdated model. The stick is more important, since there is a right choice.

Saul Nazion
Bait- In my humble opinion, I believe it to be the most important item. Because in a given fishery, she makes a difference. Even the color, because sometimes the fish just wants ” that ” either visibility or contrast in water.

Alexander Dick
Bait- After all with her you can attract different types of fish and in several days. In certain situations the bait makes a difference, while in others the equipment may be used in the most diverse fisheries without making much of a difference. I think in an emergency, in which case I need equipment for survival. A jig and a piece of hand line same certainly could save my life.

Maicon Bianchi
Bait- Very difficult to choose an option. Is the set that makes it happen. Without the line and without the bait we can’t fish. In the Amazon we see kids using the line and the bait, pulling by hand. I get between the two. But since it’s a choice, I get the fishing bait via investtops.

Bait- Because I do stick with bamboo and my way. The line I collect without reel or no reel, because I can use a Tin, for example. With a good bait I fish the black bass, Peacock bass, the fish and the sea. I with a bait in my hand do rain.

Sunday Bomediano
Bait- It ain’t no use to have everything else if you do not have the bait, that by this logic will be the most important.