Fishing Techniques for Catfish

You’ve decided to put you fishing for catfish? Know that it is not easy to capture the biggest fish in France. You need you bring the right equipment and learn the habits of this fighting fish. Full fishing owe you more on this famous fish and how to fish the catfish from the edge.

Catfish: a catfish of freshwater in the heavy weight category

At first a little history: How did the catfish in our French waters? The Catfish is native to the Danube. He then headed European freshwater as a result of global warming.

Later, it is the man who introduced it releasing in the channel of the Rhône to the Rhine in 1868. Today, it can be fished in lakes, ponds or rivers, and more precisely in the Seine, the Loire, the Dordogne, the Garonne and the Saône.

Let’s talk about the characteristics of the catfish. This fish has the distinction of being big which makes his capture a real struggle, that excites experienced fishermen. Indeed, its size can reach 2.5 meters and weighs 250 pounds. So expect to struggle hard to get! It is also best to fish when the water temperature is around 10 ° C.

The Catfish is a predator able to devour large size animals. That’s why the equipment used to capture must be adapted to his prominence and his big appetite. So what are the baits and effective ways to catch fish?

Fishing for catfish at the edge: different techniques

According to, catfish can approach the edge, in very little water. Therefore, finding the right job to capture him. Here are the different techniques that can help you:

The catfish lure fishing

To do this, you use strongly sealed soft lures or undulating spoons that allow to issue large vibrations. What reel, it must be rotating or fixed drum containing a resistant nylon. The cane must be high to control the movements of waddling.

Fishing Dusilure To The Buoy

Very effective, this technique requires a boat to drop buoys. The cane must be powerful and long (3 meters), and put in a vertical position. The reel must be robust. The choice of the hook is essential because it will penetrate into the jaw of the catfish, it must therefore be very solid and have a spicy perfect.

Leaded to the submarine float fishing

The objective of this technique is slightly off the high heat from the bottom with the submarine float. His goal is to make visible bait. As for the cane, it must be presented as horizontally as possible.

You now have an idea on the different methods to use to make your battle with the catfish ends in the best way that is!