Fishing Reel Long Cast

The Long Cast reel is the reel for fishing carp. Its features are very well adapted to this specialized fishing.

Discover the 3 benefits of your Long Cast reel to use at best the waterfront.

The reel Long Cast, what type of reel?

What’s the point of knowing the category reel that belongs to the Long Cast reel?

Well, it is important to have a global vision of the categories of reels.

More broadly, the market for carp fishing equipment is large and complex. Know this market is a plus for you in the face of the multitude of equipment.

You have 2 types of reels sold in stores or on the Internet.

The 1st type of reel is called “casting” reel This type of reel has a particularity, is having a rotating drum. It is fixed on top of a fishing rod. The casting reel is suitable for fish in the sea.

The 2nd type of reel is said reel “spinning”. In good french, can be translated by ‘turning point’ reel This translation refers to the rotating arm (Cove of basket or also called pick up) puts the fishing line in the drum.

On this type of reel, the drum is fixed.  The spinning reel is positioned under the body of the cane, through the location on the reel. This reel is very widespread for fishing in fresh water.

For fishing carp, you need a reel “spinning”.

Reels category says “spinning” (drum set), you have several models.

One that interests us is the reel called “Long Cast”. The Long Cast reel has a long, cone-shaped drum. The name “Long Cast” literally means “start at a distance”. That is why we also called reel carp.

The Long Cast reel has some features to allow you to fish carp over long distances.

Reel Long Cast: 3 benefits for an ideal carp reel

The Long Cast reel represents the reel to ideal carp. It has 3 advantages that favors its use in most fishing situations.

The benefits of the Long Cast reel are related to its technical features designed for carp fishing.

The Long Cast reel and friction reduction

The 1st advantage is to limit the friction between the fishing line and the Reel drum.

When you perform a throw, the output of the fishing line is made by the top of the drum. At this time, the wire rub the drum which penalizes the output of your wire speed.

The elongated shape of the Long Cast reel can reduce this effect of friction. Suddenly, the ejection of the wire speed is faster.

There is another way to reduce the friction on the drum. You simply have to fill the drum of your reel! Yes, it is basic but very effective!

The uniform position of the thread stored in your Reel drum facilitates its movement in all the rings of your cane. This little trick also helps increase the speed of ejection of the fishing line.

Besides, we explained how to identify a reel at well-stocked carp.

The aerodynamic shape of the Long Cast reel

The 2nd advantage of the Long Cast reel is cone-shaped. This particular form offers your carp reel aerodynamics.

The conical shape allows to reduce the strength of air on your reel.

You must keep in mind that the air is a fluid, such as water. Suddenly, the reel on the move is subject to the resistance produced by air.

A concrete example in the automotive field:

The slender forms of a racing car to facilitate the movement of air around its edges. The air resistance is lower with its elongated lines.

One of the advantages is that the car has a better penetration in the air. Suddenly, the car can go faster.

To your reel, it happens the same phenomenon. The lengthening of the lines allows to limit the influence of air when your reel is moving. Your carp reel boasts a better circulation of air around its edges.

So, you can move more quickly and with more force your rod and reel.

So you can cast your line in the water faster and further.

This advantage is not negligible, especially if fish you the CARP over long distances.

The Long Cast reel and the size of the drum

The 3rd and final advantage of your Long Cast reel is the large size of the drum.

The size of the drum is larger compared to other types of reels. This is what makes the interest for carp fishing.

The drum of your Long Cast reel offers a large storage capacity. You can therefore store a coil of wire greater in length or larger in diameter.

The storage capacity is essential for a reel for carp. As carp fishery is a fishery of distance, the drum is great, plus you can throw it away with your rod.

Thanks to the large size of the drum, your Long Cast reel is also bigger. Your reel has a robust structure. The big size of the Long Cast reel allows him to withstand more or less aggressive leaks of carp.

The large size of the drum also lets him stay there a complex brake mechanism. The brake mechanism must provide stop most carp templates.

For this, the Long Cast reel has a greater or lesser quality brake mechanism. This mechanism is located inside your reel (front and back).

The large size of the drum and, more broadly, of your reel allows to integrate all the parts of the brake mechanism.

The large size of the reel makes it possible to integrate a powerful enough brake mechanism to stop the leak of carp without breaking your cane.

The size of the Long Cast reel makes sense with integrated brake. It’s an essential piece to control and bring back the CARP on the Bank.

Now, your Long Cast reel has no secrets for you! The 3 benefits of your reel highlight the simple concepts of mechanical physics.

With these concepts in mind, you can improve your phases of throws in speed and strength to throw farther. You just practice on the water and measure your progress!