Fishing Licenses Card

Difficult to know where you can fish with your SIN card.  The information is often scattered and rare.  We give you the key to find out where to fish with your SIN card.

Where to fish with my SIN card?

The question “Where to fish with my SIN card?” is the question asked by one of our readers (Vincent).

We were asked this question since he did not understand where he had the right to fish with his acquired fishing fresh card. We replied in the form of mail.

Today, we decided to make a simple article to understand to help fishermen who are asking the same question. And believe us, this question is recurrent among sinners!

Fishing maps and selection of departments

Your SIN card, also called fishing permit, materializes your right of access and fishing on specific places. This right of fishing is different according to the map of fishing that you choose.

Your SIN card determines fishing departments

The choice of your SIN card will be on 2 categories of cards.

The 1st category of fishing card provides you a total fishing right. That is that you can fish in all of the departments of France.

You can acquire this right of access by buying the “Inter-fédérale” fishing card  The rate of this fishing card is € 95.

The 2nd category of fishing card gives you a limited right to sin. You can fish in a single Department. In general, it is the Department where you live and where you want to fish.

The range of fishing cards granting you a limited right to fishing is wide. These maps of fisheries there are 6, with different card prices:

§Carte ‘Adult’: from 70€ to €75

Promotional §carte ‘Discovery woman’: €32

§Carte ‘Discovery – 12’: €6

§Carte ‘Minor’: €16

§Carte “Weekly”: €32

§Carte “Daily”: €10

Rates of these angling maps may significantly change according to your Department of fisheries.

Map of fishing and reciprocity

Next to these 2 categories of fishing, there is an option that you can purchase when you buy your card. This is the option of reciprocity.

Reciprocity allows each Department to establish partnerships with other neighboring departments.

This grouping can cut 3 distinct and homogeneous territorial zones: E.G.H.O, U.R.N.E, and C.H.I

The purpose of this group is to facilitate the mobility of fishermen and to make the simplest fishing regulations.

So, you can purchase the option of reciprocity for all fisheries except the “Inter-fédérale” card cards The ‘Inter-fédérale’ card included already access all departments of France. The option of reciprocity is so unnecessary for this SIN card.

If you choose the option of reciprocity, it will cost a few euros that will be added to the original price of your SIN card. This option is to subscribe when you purchase your card.

Selection of fishing areas and fishing maps

The choice of a fishing card is important since it will determine your access more or less wide choice to departments.

In each Department, your SIN card gives you access to the ponds, lakes, gravel, rivers and channels of the public domain.

The payment of your SIN card does not have access to all of the fishing grounds in each Department. You can only access the fishing grounds owned by the State or managed by a Chartered fishing association (A.A.P.P.M.A).

The fishing grounds held by Governments, companies or individuals are not included.

We can summarize the distinction between fishing areas public or private in the following way:

Public §Domaine = fishing grounds the State-owned or managed by an A.A.P.P.M.A

Private §Domaine = fishing grounds held by individuals.

The departmental federations sites show you this distinction by the following Visual pellets:

You can also consult the site Lakes and ponds of France to find a fishing spot.

On this site, you can access the lists of lakes and ponds in each Department. A tool that will help you make the selection of your next fishing spot.

The distinction between public domain and private domain is important. Many fishermen are unaware of this distinction.

As a result, these fishermen do not understand the reason why private owners their prohibit access to their domain. Just to know this distinction can avoid you this disappointment!

However, some private fishing places owners allow fishermen to access. This special authorization is done against payment of an entrance fee. This entry takes the form of a rate charged for the day or the weekend.

Be vigilant!

If you fishing on a private fishing place, you must take into account that the rate adds to the cost of your SIN card.

This financial aspect is to consider, especially if you plan to fish regularly in the private domain.

The Bill may become quickly salty!