Fishing License Types

The practice of carp fishing is a hobby that requires a fishing license also called fishing card.

For each fisherman, it is not easy to find since it must absorb a lot of information about the regulation of fishing.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to help you synthesize all information related to fishing maps available. We hope that this article will help you make the best choice from your practice of fishing and more particularly that of the carp.

7 fishing in France cards: cards according to uses

Since we talk especially of carp fishing, we will discuss only the waters of 2nd category.

Here is a summary of all sin cards and tips related to choose.

Fishing maps ‘Adult’ and ‘Inter-federale ‘.

For anglers wishing to fish regularly during the year, the fishing card known as “Adult” is the ideal card. This card is valid year-round on the opening of fishing times and allows you to fish in a particular department.

This card allows the angler to have 4 lines and fish according to all fishing methods permitted by

“Inter-fédérale” allows to get the same benefits as the fishing permit “adult”. It also proposes to extend the area of fishing to other departments if you plan to fish out of your Department of choice.

These 2 cards of fishing rates are different since they allow special benefits.

Below are the annual rates for these two fishing maps:

Annual award of the fishing card “Adult”: €75.

Annual award of the “Inter-fédérale” fishing card: €95.

The price of these cards are affordable for fishing in leisure.

Before you buy one, you must ask the following two questions:

1 A how often do I wish fishing carp fishing?

2 I want to fish in a single Department or do I intend to move in other departments?

The answers to these two questions will allow you to identify your needs and so to choose the most suitable card even if the financial issue remains low. On the other hand, answers to these questions will have a real impact in the choice of your travel.

Fishing permit ‘Discovery woman’

This card is intended for women who want to learn about fishing for a minimum cost. The card is valid year-round.

As for the card “Adult”, this card opens right to fishing in a Department. This card allows women of fishing with a line and all the fishing methods permitted.

Map of sin ‘Discovery woman’ price: €32.

Fishing permit ‘Discovery – 12’

This annual card is for all children less than 12 years (on 1 January of the current year). This card allows to discover the fishing of carp at a lower cost. As for the ‘Discovery woman’ card, this card allows children to fish with a line and all the fishing methods permitted.

Price of the ‘Discovery-12 years’ fishing card: €6.

Fishing permit ‘minor ‘.

This annual fishing card is for all adolescents less than 18 years (on 1 January of the current year). As with all other fishing card, it is valid throughout the year.

As for the card ‘Discovery – 12’, this card allows adolescents to fishing with a line and all the fishing methods permitted.

Price of the annual card ‘Minor’: €16.

Map of fishing “weekly”.

This card is ideal for all holiday makers or little regular fishers in their fishing practice.

This card allows them to go fishing at certain times as for example during annual leave or sunny periods.

Unlike other maps of fishing, this card is valid only seven consecutive days.

The period of subscription of this card must be well chosen because once enabled, counting seven days is related to this reference date. You must therefore plan your outing to ruin valuable days of validity on your fishing card.

Map of fishing “Weekly” price: €32.

Fishing ‘ pass ‘.

This one-time fishing permit allows fishing one day. If you want to test the CARP fishing without committing on an annual period, the card best suited and for a reasonable cost.

As for the “Weekly” card, you must plan your outing and more particularly to monitor climate conditions for not seeing your wasted payment.

For example, look at the weather two days before your release will allow you to not go fishing in the rain (unless you consider that it’s the best thing to do to go carp fishing).

“Daily” SIN card price: €10.

Now you know all about the maps of fishing for carp fishing. As you can see, Sin cards are quite numerous and each target a very specific audience.

Each card allows its holder to fish for carp with more or less regularity this year and for reasonable prices.

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