Fishing in Brazil Amazon

Located in a strategic place in the Amazon, fishermen will have first-class service on floating Inn

The first pousada Brazil Mobile and was an initiative of a group of sport fishing enthusiasts, who have teamed up to offer the best fishing infrastructure in South America with the concept of sustainability. Just to give an idea, the venture has sewage treatment system that returns the water to the River with 90% purity. In addition to concern for the environment, to improve the life of the community of Barra de São Manuel with inclusion and social assistance programs. The hostel has 16 spacious apartments with air conditioning, balcony and pressurized shower with hot water. One of the highlights is the daily laundry services. Besides washing clothes past delivery to customers, in addition to intelligent clothing identification system. The restaurant is air conditioned with views of the River, next to an area with satellite tv. On the menu are delicious. A detail that shows concern for the quality of service is the Nespresso coffee machine, for those who cannot do without a good espresso. The large balcony has benches and rod holders, for the accommodation of your fishing equipment, space that becomes a favorite of fishermen after the fisheries. The boats equipped with 40 hp engines, electric motors, fuel, bait and regional guides. How to get there To get to the Ecolodge, the starting point of most fishing groups is Manaus. From there, you can Charter a flight with estimated time of 1:40 More information Website: Tel: (11) 4361-3334 Equipment for pitch with artificial lures for Peacock bass, dogs and pointed, take a stick for spool or reel for lines between 10 and 20 lb and length between 5 ‘ 6 “and 6 ‘, with spool or reel containing about 100 metres of multifilament line 25 to 40 lb. the leader used was United by means of double loop made of fluorocarbon to 20 to 25 lb. in this case used three sets. The first formed by Rod Black Mamba of the 5 8 ´ ´ ´ and 17 lb and Chronarch CI4 reel, second by per stick Black Mamba of the 5 8 ´ ´ ´ and 14 lb and reel Cured and the third as Flame rod of Palms of 14 lb and a new reel Citica i. artificial lures: pencil type surface models, and popper and , half water, 7:15 cm, with and without rattlin ‘ effect. Phosphorescent colors have shown good productivity in the first “pinchos”. But after a while, the transparent and finishing baits had better results. For bottom fishing, used bait Tucuna Shad of Monster 3 x with jig head of 10 to 14 g. The spoons with size between 5 and 8 cm, Golden or silver colors, are excellent for the matrinxãs. Dogs with natural bait Use stick to 30 lb lines to 50 lb and length between 5 ‘ 6 “and 6 ‘ 6”. The reels or reels shall store about 150 metres of 50-pound multifilament line. This material can also be used capararis, cacharas, jundiás, piranambus and others. Use of 30 to 80 Trevala Rod lb with Shimano reel Calcutta Lucanus Jig VSN 400 J hooks in size between 5/8 and 0/0 should be tied with 50 cm of flexible steel wire and Swivel, both with around 60 to 80 lb for large Use leather fish sticks for lines between 50 and 100 pounds and length between 6 ‘ and 7 ‘ with reels or reels of good quality that behave around 150 metres with monofilament line resistance between 50 and 90 lb. also Use hooks J between 0 and 10/12/0, tied with about 50 cm of flexible steel wire and Swivel, both with aproximadamente100 lb resistance used a reel TLD 15 mounted in series of 20 stick Buy Muskie to 50 lb.