Fishing During Bad Weather

How to overcome the rain and the wind, which at the end of the summer will be very common

In a common fishing on the Rio Grande dam on the border between São Paulo and Minas Gerais, in the municipality of Carmona (SP), our team faced a pleasant weather: strong winds and heavy rainfall were part of the scenario.

The alert friend Luciano, owner of Pousada Emilio Tur, made days before our trip, we were able to draw some strategies that could help us catch the Peacock bass during the four days of our stay.

At first, the planning of the fishery should be fairly thorough, according the following criteria: offset for sites with the largest number of fishing options in sheltered location. This choice depends on the wind direction and intensity, always choosing the most safety of all within the vessel.

Always fish where the margins are more protected. If you have a hill or mountain, even better. The vessel will be offset against the wind to get in these areas. The sheltered bays are the best option to escape the high winds and fishing in Islands and open beaks is disadvantaged.

Secondly, to define the point of fishing, local choice in who can use the electric motor always downwind and throw sideways slightly downwind. This procedure is extremely important to avoid battery wear before the end of the fishing trip and also for the pitch to be more precise, under close and wigs.

The points where the pitches are downwind and has more intense action and, therefore, may have their dirty by margins of the waves, should be avoided. The deep valleys closed and sheltered are most recommended.

Try and make the pitch with caution, since calculating the trajectory of the bait with respect to the displacement of the vessel and the action of the wind to avoid the unwanted close. Be careful also with the belly line. The tension quickly and make pitches. Avoid pitching backwards or against the wind. Verify that the line was not arrested and “nothing” during the pitch.

The work of the baits must be slower and paused, so take the time to fish do the attack with greater precision. The concentration on the pitch in a suitable location must be repeated several times to increase the chance of attacks.

In fact, the fishery with these conditions is always possible. The wear is much larger than in the fishery with mild weather and the options that decrease considerably. After all, the fish are there nuts for biting your bait!

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