Fish and Seafood That You Can Enjoy This Season

If you want to get fresh food, good quality and at a reasonable price, it is always advisable to choose station products, therefore, then we tell you what fish and seafood that you can enjoy this season.

In these months of the year are during the preferential consumption and there is greater availability of the following fish and seafood We can include our dishes:

  • Cod, bream, Grouper, mullet, salmon, bream, sea bass, trout and Conger between the fish of sea or river.
  • Cockles, prawns, shrimp, Norway lobster, scallops, clams, oysters and mussels among the seafood He found his best time this season.

These are the fish and shellfish that are your best time in these months of the year and are ideal for elaborate different dishes, from a salad, a soup or a stew, until a few burgers, a sauce or a sauté.

You know, if you want to enjoy nutritious meals that respect fishing times and the seasonality of foods, these are fish and seafood that you can take advantage of this season and that will certainly get better, more freshness and at lower price.