FC Twente Champions League History

FC Twente in the 2009/2010 season champion in the Netherlands. Ten years earlier, was the club but still die from big financial problems; Finnan This article describes how the Enschede Club in a relatively short period of time, under the leadership of Chairman Joop Munsterman of tiny “provincial Club’s road up to the Dutch masters.


FC Twente was opened on June 1, 1965 after the merger of Sportclub Enschede, Enschede Boys. The merger had for years been imminent, but were stopped due to Sport Enschede in the already achieved success and was among the best in the country.
The first years of the Club merger was difficult and the Club could not convince the first seasons with 11, 13 and 8th places between 1966 and 1968. After that, however, after the Club’s heyday yeors, giving them between 1969 and 1978 once 2. Instead, three times the 3rd and 4th time took 4th place. In 1977, FC Twente also won the National Cup. Big names that were discussed included the icon Club Epi Drost, Theo Pahlplatz, Jan Jeuring, Kick van der Vall, Piet author and the brothers Van de Kerkhof.
After the volatile affair with FC Twente and even relegated to the 1st Division in 1983, where the worst but took a year. Third place between 1988 and 1990 was a high point in these decades, and then in the nineties had a stable of top artists.

Finnaciële problem

The end of the 20th century and early 21st century Twente fell to a mid-engine design few years played around 11th/12th year. Another success was still there in 2001 by winning the Cup. Afterwards, the Club was facing major problems finnanciele, which would almost lead to bankruptcy after a claim of more than 3 million of the IRS.


A five-year plan was drawn up to help on top of Twente Finnan separately again. The highest official Joop Munsterman, born in Enschede and grew up in the newspaper, took the Club over and was successful five-year plan on just three years to completely finish, and built to a better position for FC Twente.
Led by the Munsterman was better than almost every year since 2004 in the Eredivisie. After the 6th and 7th in 2005 and 2006, it sets itself a year later under a coach Fred Rutten for the first time in years for the UEFA Cup. In 2008 and 2009 was the 2nd behind PSV. The English coach Steve McClaren, former coach of England, Twente came after 2nd place in 2009, in the summer of 2010 completely ecstatic by the crew to steer toward the Championship. In the final match against NAC won 0-2, leaving Ajax with a score would be less 2nd.

The main actors

During this successful period of last year, many players achieved if relatively unknown, which at Twente grew into Stoppers, which make some transfers to foreign clubs. Against this background, and Douglas and Arnautovich as relative unknowns brought in from abroad. At the sub-elite in the Netherlands were players like Ronnie Stam, Nicky Kuiper, Theo Jansen, met Rob Wielaert and Peter Wisgerhof. The training was partly Wout Brama, one of the major talents who is still under contract with the Club.
Blaise Nkufo Twente would go where the figurehead, was acquired in 2003, Swiss-born Drc Hannover 96, his tenth Club in just 10 years. The transfer seemed a long time in the first place not to go after Twente in Hanover not uitwkam. Nkufo mould allegedly weeps with sorrow and later shot. In Enschede managed to very intelligent and well-educated Nkufo really grounding and preferably 114 times to score goals in 223 matches. He was enthroned approach to shooting King from FC Twente, who he served also a default picture on his retirement in 2010.
Another Club goalkeeper Sander Boschker icon. Closing record born in Lichtenvoorde has been active since 1989 at FC Twente and left the club just two season for a failed adventure in Ajax. Boschker had at the time of the Championship already smaller than 543 races to his name and made her debut in 2010 even at 39 years old in the Dutch team. He became the oldest player ever to play for the Dutch national team and so far the oldest rookie ever. During the 2010/2011 season, he is still under contract at Twente


Grolsch Veste

Insiders in the football world in General aangenomenen FC Twente absolutely no Flash in the Pan that fall within a number of years away. Unlike for example the success that AZ booked during the years prior to the Championship in Twente, the Club is not strongly dependent on lenders who Dirk Scheringa was at AZ but.
Twente is in the 2010/2011 season with a budget of approximately € 36.000.000 and therefore can compete with the best clubs in the country. It has a large and loyal fan base, which even in difficult times showed its support for this club. The Grolsch investment is always well layer and the next few years will be extended further.
Even though football is very difficult to predict in the long term, thus the future can Twente with confidence.