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Rafting, climbing, diving, track stand up paddle …
The cities that are near São Paulo – up to 250 kilometers – offer extreme programming for those who like to venture. Options range from rock climbing to skydiving jump.



Pico dos Marins bubbling-day 2333


For those who have a good physical preparation, the tip is to climb the pico dosMarins, in picket line, 180 km from the capital. The route on the mountain of 2 400 metres high lasts about 4 hours. Upon arriving at the top, the reward is a privileged view that usually render beautiful photographs. To have an extra sense and follow the sunrise on the site, you need to go camping at the top of the mountain and down only the next day. In this case, the person concerned must bringown equipment such as tent, sleeping bag and thermal insulator. There is no age restriction.


Base Camp Marins. The service road José Rodrigues Ferreira, 20 kilometer. Phone: (11) 997701991.


Track Troupe. 7 September Street, 35. Phone: (12) 91874100.




Narwhal diving courseday 2333


With a basic course in scuba diving (the one with compressed air cylinder), anyone is able to walk through the underwater world to a maximum depth of 18 metres. In schools like Narwhal, one of the oldest of São Paulo, the preparation lasts,on average, a weekend. In the lectures, the professor teaches the physics involved in aquatic environments and the physiology of the human body. In the practical part, in a swimming pool, are transmitted buoyancy and notions of how to correctly use the equipment. The sessions can be scheduled for the weekend (from9:30 to 1:30 pm in the room and the 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm at swimming pool) or in the evening (from Monday to Thursday, from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm). The four dives in the sea, called baptism, are held in Ilhabela. To participate, students must take mask, snorkel and fins.


Narwhal. Alameda dos Aicás, 1 303, Moema. Phone: 55359000.




Parachute jumpfathers day 2333


The 115 km from the capital, the city of London is the seat of the National Centre for skydiving. Considered the best place for the practice of sport, the jump a double, accompanied by an instructor is made the 4000 metres high and, in the first 50 seconds, the fall is completely free, reaching a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. To jump you must have more than 18 years and weigh no more than 120 pounds.


Free Fall. Industrial Avenue, s/nº, 20 room. Phone: (15) 32633567.


Sao Paulo Parachuting. Street Waldemar da Silva Ramos, 11. Phone: (15) 32681875.




Raftingday 2333


Assembling routes with large volume of water and preserved nature, the town ofBrotas, 235 km from São Paulo, became a reference in rafting, which consists ofgoing down rapids of a River aboard an inflatable dinghy. An activity for the whole family, there is no age limit for practice and the only constraint is to have minimum height of 1.20 meter. The most exciting part of the tour is due to the waterfalls formed by irregularities.


Eco Action. Mario Pinotti Avenue, 205. Phone: (14) 36539140.


Alaya. Mario Pinotti Avenue, 230. Phone: (14) 36535656.




Ecoresort Refuge smell of Woodsfather’s day 2333


The calm waters of the dam of Mairiporã, just 40 km from the town, are ideal tolearn the water sport fell into the graces of the Sao Paulo: the stand-up paddle.Practiced on a Board, the idea is to paddle like a canoe. Who does not have equipment can resort to EcoResort Refuge Smell, installed on the side of the dam. The site offers classes for guests.


Eco Resort Refuge Smell. AvenidaLeonor de Oliveira, 1 174. Phone: (11) 46048616.




Image results for Parque Estadual da Serra do MarCaraguatatuba


The Park in Caraguatatuba, which lies on the northern coast the 178 km from the capital, promises great adventures and beautiful scenery of the Atlantic forestand the sea. Throughout the year there are four types of rides. Night trail, the idea is to offer new perspective on nature, with the observation of the breath of the wind in the trees, the sound of insects and the noise of the waters. The secondis the potion, in which participants cross rivers and Rapids. The trail for your time, Jequitibá, has just over 1 kilometer and it is easy to be travelled. En route, the participants observe the various species of birds. The last one is the Drover, which gives emphasis to the historical heritage of the region. Is guaranteed fun. The adventures of 8:00 occur at 4:00 pm. All tours must be made with closed shoes and are accompanied by monitors.


Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar – Núcleo Caraguatatuba. Rua do Horto Florestal, 1200, Bairro Rio do Ouro, Caraguatatuba. Phone: (12) 38825999.